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Oingo Boingo Former Members | Josie Cotton
December 7, 2020 by Jimmy Alvarez
I know it’s hard to believe, but 2020 is almost over! We survived the election, the Zombie Apocalypse, and now if we get through the newly implemented lockdown, we’re just a few weeks away from the COVID vaccine – and then normal life is right around the corner. But 2020 just had to deal us one more punch in the gut… The highly anticipated Concerts-In-Your-Car with Oingo Boingo Former Members is the latest entertainment related casualty.  
As we adjusted to a life without “normal” concerts, bands have come up with creative solutions to entertain us. Although the Concerts-In-Your-Car concept does keep people safely in their vehicles, things cannot proceed at this time: due to the crazy COVID numbers, some statewide concerts have been canceled, the Concerts-In-Your Car series have temporarily canceled this show. Most of those shows are postponed pending new re-scheduled dates. The band and host of this show, Richard Blade are bummed at these developments. 
The culprit being the California Order signed by Governor Newsome that went into effect Sunday December 6th. This Order effectively put a kibosh to most shows throughout California over the next three weeks, specifically and in this case the Del Mar show in San Diego county. Sure, it’s understandable with the spike of COVID cases, but it’s still a bummer.

Even with the progress we’ve made, and the light in the distance that we can see… we’ll have to deal with one more setback. But once we come out of this, we’ll be better for it, and ready to be greeted by bands like Oingo Boingo Former Members and legends like Josie Cotton. 
What do we have to look forward to once we do get back to the “normal?” Well, I often get asked if Oingo Boingo Former Members is is the same band from back in the day. The short answer is YES!
A few years ago, Johnny Vatos put together a show with former members of Oingo Boingo and a dynamic lead singer to step in for Danny Elfman (Brendan McKian). That show went over so well, they went on to form Oingo Boingo Dance Party. Fast forward to 2020 and one name change later, and tada… we have Oingo Boingo Former Members.
Vatos put together former members and new members that collectively remain electrifying and fresh. With Vatos behind the drum kit, Steve Bartek and John Avila anchoring bass and lead guitar, Carl Graves on keys and Sams “Sluggo” Phipps on sax, the band remains as tight as ever. Also rounding out the band are Brian Swatrz (trumpeter), Mike “The Spike” Glenndining (rhythm guitar and backup vocals), and Freddy Hernande (bass)… with McKian on vocals, songs like “Only a Lad,” “Grey Matter,” “Who Do You Want to Be” and “Dead Man’s Party” come to life.
The plan included Queen of the ‘80s, Josie Cotton, to open the show. While Josie is best known for mega-hits like “Johnny Are You Queer?,” “Jimmy Loves Maryann” and “He Could Be the One,” she’s been working on new material as well. She came out with a single last year titled “Ukranian Cowboy” that did well for her, and then 2020 was to be the year for a new album. But with COVID, it looks like we just have to wait a little longer, not much, but a little. If you haven’t seen Josie live, trust me, you will leave with a smile, she’s a great entertainer with a fantastic singing voice.

No date for the re-scheduled show is available just yet. Look for that announcement in the next week or two.
Some good news is it will still be hosted by local ‘80s icon, Richard Blade and both band’s should come back.
Refunds are available at point of purchase.



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