SKAROUND The World # 17


December 10, 2020 by by Josh Coutts
In our ongoing series titled Skaround the World, I’m going take you on a little different trip this time around. I spoke with Jordan Rosenthal about his current band/project, Dub Drums.
If you haven’t heard of him, he’s the secret weapon to most bands. He was the drummer for Las Vegas ska & reggae act Goldfish Don’t Bounce, as well as the drummer for Fortunate Youth.
It wasn’t long ago that Jordan Rosenthal was touring the country and playing in front of 1,000 people a night in one of the biggest reggae bands in the US. But all that came to a drastic halt two years ago when Jordan lost his father to a battle with cancer.

For the past two years Jordan, has been with his mom in Las Vegas, grieving and trying to heal. But Jordan’s a 4th generation drummer and there’s not a day that went by where he didn’t drum to take the pain away.
Rosenthal invested in recording gear during the pandemic, created a studio in a bedroom, and formed the band Dub Drums.
Dub Drums debut album, “Plant a Seed,” was released on October 23 and hit #1 on the iTunes reggae charts, marking the first time that a Las Vegas band/artist reached the top of the charts.
Another accomplishment; this is the first time ever that an instrumental drum album has hit #1 on the reggae charts.
Drumming is universal language that can unite us all on the same rhythm of love” Jordan Rosenthal



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