Duran Duran Celebrate the Big 4-0

February 1, 2021 by by Traci Turner

Duran Duran is celebrating 40 years of music by appearing all over the place.
In additional to a new video honoring David Bowie, the other “Fab Four” will be on streaming services and stages in 2021.
Hopefully you caught the David Bowie special, “A Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day,” last month. This incredible event included many musical icons honoring the late legend with musical performances and Duran Duran was included. The band contributed a tribute version of Bowie’s “Five Years” for the special day, and now they have a video for the song. Despite being on lockdown, the band members were able to film their portions separately, and have them blended together seamlessly by experimental artist Teek Mach.

Asked why they wanted to be part of the Bowie tribute, Nick Rhodes said, “David Bowie’s apocalyptic vision in the song ‘Five Years’ was written almost half a century ago, yet it seems ever more poignant today. Although it is five years since David left Planet Earth, his vast catalogue of songs remain as significant and inspirational as they always have been.”
Durannies can also get their fix of the band on Pandora and SiriusXM.
Simon Le Bon has been hosting a weekly music show on Wednesdays called “Whooosh!” on the Duran website, but it is now on SiriusXM exclusively. You can hear Le Bon and Duran insider Katy Krassner discuss their latest song obsessions and the new music they are excited about.
It all began as a lockdown thing,” said Le Bon. “It dawned on me that the only music I was listening to was what I was working on, and the stuff that got me into a band in the first place. So I switched on my ears, and went on a trip down a sonic rabbit hole. What a revelation – there is so much great new talent, so much music out there. Katy is the foil that makes it all work. And so a radio show is born. WHOOOSH! – it’s the sound of your mind expanding to take on a new idea.

“Whooosh!” will air on SiriusXM’s Volume (channel 106).


SiriusXM will have additional Duran for you when “Duran 40” hits Pandora. Hosted by the BBC’s Claudia Winkleman, “Duran 40” will include all the D2 music we love, plus interviews and memories.

The band and guests – like Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson – will offer commentary about the inspirations behind the songs, personal stories and memories from the 40-year history of the band.

“Duran 40” is available on Pandora starting today, and will also be available on SiriusXM’s Volume (channel 106) and First Wave (channel 33).


As if that was not enough, Duran Duran plans to return to the stage this year. Imagine how long the concert will be if they just play hits?! They put on a fabulous show, so hopefully you can make it happen. Tickets are now available for the UK and European dates.


Congratulations to Duran Duran on 40 years, and hooray for us getting to enjoy all the spoils!