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YouTube Theatre in Inglewood
November 8, 2021 by David Jackson
There are artists that will always inspire us; then there are the ones that not only do that, but they also have a way to make us break out in dance.
Elvis Costello is one of those fellows, and he is headed our way with his Hello Again 2021 tour.
Elvis Costello and the Imposters are hitting Los Angeles to play the YouTube Theater this Saturday, November 13th. While he is certain to play some classics, it could be a glimpse at his upcoming album, “The Boy Named If.”

We know him best as Elvis, but he was born in London as Declan Patrick McManus. What an impact he’s had on all of us!
The early 1980s were a good time to be an Elvis fan because he delivered songs that impacted us; from high-velocity songs like “Radio-Radio” and “Pump It Up,” to more melodic songs like “Veronica,” “Allison,” and everyone’s favorite, “Everyday I Write the Book.”
That initial run with the Attractions was very special, but in 1986, that incarnation of the Elvis experience was no more.
As luck would have it, Costello forged on and has had an incredible career as a solo artist, plus his new partners in crime, The Imposters.
Their new album, “The Boy Named If,” will be released in January of 2022. 
Costello did alright for himself with his genre bending signature sound. He’s earned a Grammy and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; all while Rolling Stone ranked his band number 80 on their 100 Greatest Artists of All Time list.
Costello is now in his 60s, despite a few physical ailments over the years he shows no sign of slowing down, so this weekend is destined to be a fantastic show.
This is one of those shows you need to seem while you are at it, bring your dancing shoes!




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