August 26, 2020 by Jimmy Alvarez
For as long as I can remember, Los Angeles has been the land of hopes and dreams. Even in today’s news cycle of the zombie apocalypse known as the Covid-19 pandemic, we get the occasional good news story. This is one of those stories. 
Earlier this week, Epitaph Records announced that industry professional Edie Lundeen would be joining them as their Director of National Radio Promotions (Alternative/Rock).  Prior to joining Epitaph, Lundeen was National Director Alternative & Rock at Amplify Entertainment Group where she previously worked with Epitaph artists The Interrupters, Falling in Reverse, Bad Suns, Thrice, Parkway Drive and Teenage Wrist.

Epitaph Founder and CEO, Brett Gurewitz said “I’m delighted to welcome Edie to the label.  Her skill and experience will be a fantastic addition for our artists and the Epitaph team.”
Epitaph Founder & CEO, Brett Gurewitz
Additionally, Lundeen added “I am so thrilled to be the newest member of the Epitaph family!  Who would have thought when I was playing Bad Religion’s “Atomic Garden“ on college radio, I would be working for the incomparable, Brett Gurewitz. We have a ton of exciting new music coming that I can’t wait to get out to radio.”
Clearly Lundeen has earned her way to this position that will challenge all her professional skills. Earlier this week, we had a chat with her to discuss where she’s been and where she’s headed.
Lundeen told us that she’s loved music as long as she can remember. She recalls watching the early days of MTV, and will never forget how much she enjoyed watching the videos and shows. Like most teens, her parents had to drag her away to join the “real world.” Just like most teens from that generation, she became enamored with music and those epic videos that made our sonic heroes seem larger than life.

Once Edie went to college, she began to look at the world of music a little differently. She didn’t lose her love for it – quite the opposite – she fell further in love with it. She started working at her college radio station when a revelation hit her… She might be able to do this for a living, a dream come true!


I always dreamed about being in music…. I had no idea you could get into the music business this way. I was so lucky to have found this path because I love what I do.”

Edie Lundeen
Edie Lundeen | Epitaph Records
Since those college days, Lundeen has made all the stops that successful music industry professionals make. Her resume includes being Head of Promotion at Cult records, and VP of Alternative Promotion at Sony Red. She’s also had regional promotion stints for Roadrunner Records, Capitol Records, Lava Records, Virgin Records, and Atlantic Records.
Lundeen is a hard-nosed label exec that can take the bull by the horns when needed, yet in that same moment be able to motivate an artist to do what can be difficult at times. For that, she relies on the lessons she learned as a member of LA Derby Dolls. Yes, that’s right, this unsuspecting record label exec is also a former roller derby girl (that explains a lot).

What drew her to Epitaph and what’s ahead? Lundeen said the roster of artists that Epitaph has built is impressive. They clearly have the work of Punk and ALT rock covered. She intends to make sure they press forward on that. Also, there are other genres they have been working on, so look for other musical acts to be featured going forward.
There’s a reason why Brett Gurewitz has become the record label mogul he is. He makes good choices. He surrounds himself with top-notch people that make the label one of the most successful in the music industry. Look for more exciting things from Epitaph in the months and years to come.
What are two important things we must know about Edie?
1) Her favorite color is purple (ironically, the same color as the “Purple & Gold” from her Derby Dolls uniform);
2) AND her favorite fruit is strawberries.
Now we know all there is to know about Edie Lundeen. We wish her the best of luck on this new endeavor at Epitaph Records.