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June 17, 2022 by Traci Turner
The band that gave us “A Little Respect,” “Stop!,” “Oh L’Amour,” “Victim of Love,” and “Chains of Love,” Erasure has just announced a new album which will be released on August 12th. “Day-Glo – Based on a True Story” is part of their “The Neon” project and was spawned by Vince Clarke’s “lockdown experimentation.”
Way back in August of 2020, Andy Bell and Vince Clarke released their 18th studio album, “The Neon,” featuring the single “Hey Now (Think I Got a Feeling).” At the time, the gents said they were going back to their “original sounds” with Clarke using older synthesizers. They mapped out a whole world tour, but ended up scrapping it all earlier this year. All 2022 shows were canceled with this statement:
“We are very sorry to announce that, due to unexpected family circumstances beyond anyone’s control, we have had to make the extremely difficult decision to cancel the remaining stages of The Neon Tour and we will therefore no longer be playing our planned shows in the UK & Europe, South America or North America this year. Refunds are available at point of purchase.”
They also stated: “Vince and Andy are both well and, although they are bitterly disappointed to be forced to cancel the rest of the tour, they would like to send their sincere apologies to anyone affected by the cancellations. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to being able to play to everyone again soon.”
While they have not said if they will tour soon, they are keeping “The Neon” projects going. In 2021, they released “The Neon Remixed,” a two-disc set of remixes which included the single “Secrets.”
As for the newest release, Clarke said he manipulated sound files from “The Neon” and another album was born. “Although you can hear snatches of the original album from time to time,” he stated, “‘Day-Glo – Based On A True Story’ bears little resemblance to ‘The Neon.’”

Bell was then brought in to sing vocals and “where ‘The Neon’ was mostly an upbeat dance record, ‘Day-Glo – Based On A True Story’ is more atmospheric and introspective.”
“Day-Glo – Based On A True Story” will be available in CD and fluorescent green vinyl editions, plus the usual download and stream services on August 12th.
Track Listing for “Day-Glo”
Based on a True Story
Bop Beat
The Conman
Inside Out
Harbour of My Heart
3 Strikes and You’re Out
The Shape of Things
The End

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