FEBRUARY 6, 2020 | By Greg Friedman

A friend of mine named Tracy who lives on a very tiny, very beautiful island in the Bahamas called Harbor Island came out for a visit. Harbor Island is the epitome of serenity, calm and peace with pink coral beaches and water that has a turquoise reflection that almost seems as though it’s back lit because it glows with such vibrancy. Tracy reflects the energy and flow of that environment almost as though she and the island are one living, breathing entity.

I took Tracy to Main street in Huntington Beach and as we were walking down the street a huge lifted pickup truck came rolling up beside us blaring speed metal music so loudly that you could feel the vibration and aggressiveness of the music even fifty yards away. I turned towards her just in time to see her literally crumble.  She folded over exactly as if someone had punched her in the stomach and through the gritted teeth of her visceral pain she wanted to know why anybody in the world would possibly want to listen to that.
Tending to the most pressing considerations, I took her to a small quiet café off the main drag. A few deep breaths and a nice warm cup of tea later she asked the question again, “Why would anybody in the world listen to that?” She was still dealing with the effects and not even acknowledging that it was music.
The truth is simple; humans are essentially meat, water and frequency. And even though we habitually give more attention to the meat, it’s our water and frequency that connect us to ourselves, one another; and the world around us.


Sound travels almost four times more quickly in water than it does in the air.  That means that music hits our bodies and then rapidly vibrates through our entire beings like a rocket.

Music is perhaps the greatest unseen and most widely felt influencer on our emotions that we have on this planet. Our happiness, anger, grief and joy are incessantly and acutely influenced by music.

LOVE is the 7th WAVE by STING

We don’t have to be conscious of how music touches us.  We will naturally gravitate to a song or the vibrations of that song that most closely reflect our present state of being. If we are vibrating rapidly and frenetically like teenagers, we’ll seek out music that reflects that state of being.  If we’re in a gentle heart space, we’ll put on music that mirrors that energy. We aren’t going to make love to the dulcet tones of Megadeth or run a race to listening to Barry White. 


Having music that matches our vibration creates a sense of comfort, a sense of belonging, even a sense of self.  And the transverse is true as well, being exposed to music that is in conflict with our own vibration creates a sense of friction or even an internal violence that can cause us to literally double over in pain like it did to Tracy.

The more aware we become, the more we can choose music to reflect who we are and as importantly, we can choose music to help us become who we’d like to evolve into. Internally or externally it comes down to this… find your vibe and you’ll find your tribe.


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