MARCH 6 2020 by Adrian Gonzalez and Jimmy Alvarez

Over the decades, the Hollywood Palladium has been the site of legendary events. March 17th may be another day to add to that list of memorable Southern California moments. Why you ask?…. because 95.5 FM KLOS invades the Palladium with Frosty, Heidi and Frank and everyone’s favorite St. Paddy’s Day band, Flogging Molly. This iconic band headlines their 6th annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, and this year they team up with a broadcasting giant to blow the roof off the Palladium. 

For SoCal music fans, this is a very-very good pairing. Simply put, KLOS is no stranger to larger than life events, but this one is a little different… or is it? Someone once said to know where you’re headed, you have to know where you’ve been. With that as a backdrop, we recently checked in with KLOS Program Direction Keith Cunningham to see how life is for this radio juggernaut and to chat about the St. Paddy’s Day show. Cunningham is often very direct with us, and this time was no different, he said “life is good!”

Cunningham took the reigns at KLOS a few years back. Along with a dedicated staff and great on-air dj’s, they had a long-term vision for the station. The plan was simple, they’d embrace their 50+ years legacy while forging new memories while supporting local bands. All this while being actively involved within the community. As we all know, life can get in the way of the best made plans. Remarkably, KLOS has been able to pull their plan off. Notwithstanding being considered a big brother radio station, KLOS stayed true to their vision. You see them at the events you would expect to see them to be at, while playing the music that’s part of the soundtrack of our lives. With the recent addition of Music Director Doug “Sluggo” Roberts, Cunningham and staff have delivered on their plan to look forward with new music while creating new horizons for the station

No doubt that Southern California is a stylist diverse place. With this consideration, KLOS has continued to support local bands and artists while maintaining support for the charities and other organizations that matter to us all in SoCal.
Bottom line, it’s one thing to play cool music, it’s another thing to support your community and be successful; the two aren’t always exclusive of each other. Their commitment, as well as that of their parent, Meruelo Media has allowed KLOS to do something that very few broadcasters have been able to pull off in today’s environment. They remain a music broadcasting powerhouse while earning the respect of industry professionals and music fans from coast-to-coast and around the world. That’s an accomplishment that neither ratings or any sum of money can buy.

KLOS ON-Air Staff

L-R Back Marci Wiser, Heidi Hamilton and Jimmy Alvarez (OCMN) L-R Front Frosty Stillwell, Gary Moore and Frank Kramer
With all this as a backdrop, the next big KLOS event is the St. Patrick’s Day bash with Flogging Molly and Mad Caddies. Certainly, before you finish reading this next sentence, the vision of booze while thrashing around in an uber-isane-cartoon crazy-crowd might cross your mind. That may not be too far from what’s in store. Combine the copious amounts of fun, music in a historic concert venue, this one is destined to be something we talk about for years to come.
The question for Cunningham and crew was how to best celebrate St. Paddy’s day in SoCal this year? That turned out to be a no brainer. There are two bands that personify the day; those bands are Flogging Molly and Mad Caddies. As for the Caddies, the Solvang ska kids are slated to open. So we reached out to the caddies’ Sascha Lazor of the Caddies to get his thoughts on. He said the band is looking forward to the whole experience, adding it’s going to be a very-very good time for all.

Without You from the album titled, Keep It Going
The Caddies are loud, energetic and they connect with their fans. That’s a perfect fit for a KLOS event. For this show, opening on St. Paddy’s Day for Flogging Molly is an important task. You need a band willing and able to keep that crowd energized and stoked for the rest of the night. The Caddies are the perfect fit for such a colossal task. When asked how they would do it Lazor stated “We try to keep are opening sets hi energy and fast flowing, that usually works.” Lazor said he’s sure that he will check out the free music festival, adding “We are thankful to Flogging Molly and KLOS for having us on the show” adding” We are looking forward to the experience.”

In addition to the Caddies, you can catch the Street Dogs, headed by former Dropkick Murphy’s singer Mike McColgan. As we have come to expect from McColgan The Street Dogs will keep heads bobbing and the pit moving. In the end, the main event is Flogging Molly. Guitarist Dennis Casey and accordion Player will perform an acoustic set that just may be reminiscent of the days of Molly Malone’s. In addition to the live bands Flogging Molly bassist Nathen Maxwell will be proving music as the festivals DJ.

Best known for the songs “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down,” “Requiem for a Dying Song,” “Float,” and Drunken Lullabies, the septet has continually forged a fiery sonic path, often with politically charged lyrics that keep the spirit of The Pogues and Clash alive.

Title track from the album titled, Drunken Lullabies
As any epic event would have it, the show before the show is a big part of the story. That’s the part where KLOS takes the festivities to another level. Before the doors open, one of the best morning shows in the radio biz “Frosty, Heidi and Frank” will host a live broadcast which features FREE pre-show festivities. That includes 4 live acts and a DJ. The bands will include LA favorites The Briggs, Hoist The Colors, Dallas Country Rockers and The Vandoliers. Also as part of the mayhem, there’s an acoustic set by Matt and Dennis of Flogging Molly. Call it what you want, but with KLOS leading the parade, this is going to be an insane day to be at the Palladium.

This is LA by The Briggs
The day begins at Noon and there will be tons of great food, drinks, Irish Dancers, and beer games! As for the show itself, doors are at 6pm. So bring your docs, torn up jeans, black leather jacket and pomade… because this will be one rockin’ day.

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St Patrick’s Day 2020 with Flogging Molly and KLOS