FOO FIGHTERS Livestream from The ROXY

November 11, 2020 by David Jackson

On the heals of their SNL performance, the Foo’s are poised and ready to entertain us all over again.
By far, the Foo’s are the premiere heavyweights in the world of rock, and their fans loved their SNL performance which also featured host, Dave Chapelle. NOW, the Foo’ are ready to do it at The Roxy!
In as many times as we’ve seen the Foo’s live, each time it seem as if Dave and the guys find new ways to make the songs we love seem new and fresh. Great example was how they delivered “Times Like These.”

With new music ready to go, the Foo’s gave us a taste of the new album with “Shame Shame,” from their forthcoming album.

The cats out of the bag, this Saturday, November 14th at 5pm (Pacific time) The Foo’s will be invading your living by virtue of a livestream performance from the Sunset Strip in Hollywood from the World Famous Roxy Theatre.
The Foo’s will be playing songs off their forthcoming 10th album, MEDICINE at MIDNIGHT, which is set to be released February 5, 2021 (on Roswell Records). Other than the SNL gig, what do we know about the new album? Well… Billboard said it’s “a groovy, sexy beat” while Entertainment Weekly called it a “hypnotic earworm.” We’ll see what fans think I’m sure.
Tickets to check out the show are $ 15, and limited event merch is also available.



Foo Fighters’ Roxy Livestream is brought to you in part by at Coors Light, and will feature custom crafted Beer’s Eye View. The Beer’s Eye View will take fans into the thick of things and behind the scenes.
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Medicine at Midnight Track list

1 Making a Fire
2 Shame Shame
3 Cloudspotter
4 Waiting on a War
5 Medicine at Midnight
6 No Son of Mine
7 Holding Poison
8 Chasing Birds
9 Love Dies Young