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Reinventing Gabbie Hanna

March 25, 2021 by Thomas Ochoa

Gabbie Hanna is reinventing herself as a musician and taking her next album in an entirely new direction. The internet influencer and musician announced that her upcoming album, “This Time Next Year,” is scrapped so she can focus on the type of music she knows she is destined for: rock. Through her determination and work ethic, Hanna expects a full album release this summer.
Fans should not fear though! If you think this is going to be like a Miley Cyrus rock cover album, you are gravely mistaken.
Music Star Gabbie Hanna on The Five Things You Need To Shine In The Music  Industry | by Karina Michel Feld | Authority Magazine | Medium
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After a whirlwind year in 2020, Hanna is hanging up her pop music coat in exchange for something darker and more in line with what inspired her to become a musician. When we spoke with Hanna for this interview, the excitement built up for the next step in her musical career radiated through the phone and even leaked into her neighbor’s home.

Thomas: “So, why not pop anymore?”
Gabbie: “Pop and pop punk are not it. They aren’t for me. I felt like I was only doing it because that’s what people expected of me. I love the pop element and that will still be present in my writing style, but I want my music to be a reflection of the music that got me here. I know I was destined to make rock music.”

Hanna released a couple of singles last year in preparation for her “This Time Next Year” album release which had already been postponed a year due to the pandemic. “Call Me Crazy” (released September 25th) and “Shut Me Up” (released October 30th) and their respective music videos were the only songs released from the album. Hanna has been working on material “This Time Next Year” since 2017, but the lengthy delay and other personal factors are what led to the project being scrapped.  

Thomas: “Will these two songs be getting reworked to fit your upcoming album?”
Gabbie: “No, they will remain singles. ‘Shut Me Up’ already has some of the elements I am looking to capture in the next album. It pushed me over the edge to follow through with making rock music. Nobody is making rock music the way I envision it. It will be like nothing I’ve ever done before, but I think I am finally finding my voice.”

Some of Hanna’s early influences in life include My Chemical Romance, Alanis Morissette, and 30 Seconds to Mars. She hopes to embody several of the elements that these artists share, which include more passionate screaming, drum-heavy melodies, and dark tones. The project will include at least 10 new tracks from archived material that was never produced and songs she is writing this year.

Thomas: “Who is helping you produce this album?”
Gabbie: “I am working with several producers, but Landon Tewers is who I’ll be working with primarily. Landon is one of my favorite artists. We just hit it off and our chemistry for writing and singing meshed together so well the first time we met. He has been a large contributor in mixing and revamping my music.”

After teaming up with Tewers on the song “F Pacing” from his 2021 album “Frontal Lobe Submission,” her attitude and determination to create new content with a heavier feel ignited. Since then, Hanna and Tewers have been working closely on the upcoming album, spending several days writing new material and meeting with other producers to capture Hanna’s sound. Prior to our interview, Hanna had been in the studio recording new material and participated in a week long, 12-hour writing camp the week before.

Thomas: “Will you be changing the message in your lyrics?”
Gabbie: “Absolutely f***ing not! The thing that really connects my fans and I is my lyrics in my music. I should be making dark music and capturing that feeling with my lyrics as well.”

Through this recreation of her music, Hanna expects she will be able to connect with a wider variety of fans along with those that appreciated her pop music. She mentioned that her earlier musical influences were her outlets during her formative years when dealing with difficult situations, and hopes that her new material will be the same for anyone who can connect with her lyrics. To get a feel for the direction she is taking her music, check out her latest single, “Shut Me Up.”


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