Re-Imperatour 2023

July 5, 2023 by Traci Turner
Swedish metal rock band Ghost will kick off their next round of US dates on August 2nd before closing it all out in Los Angeles on September 11th and 12th. The Re-Imperatour will include the support of their special guests, Amon Amarth.


Los Angeles, California
September 11 & 12th, 2023

OC Music News caught the band last spring and… WOW. With their unforgettable front-man Papa Emeritus and the Nameless Ghouls, Ghost is a visual experience just as much as musical.

Songs like “Rat,” “Mummy Dust,” “Ritual,” “Year Zero,” “Mary on a Cross,” “Dance Macabre,” “Secular Haze” and newer songs “Spillways,” are fascinating on their own, but in person… it truly is like no other concert you have ever seen!

Since releasing their demo in 2010, Ghost has left an indelible mark on the music world. How many bands start off with a song being named one of “The 50 Most Evil Songs Ever?” (Thanks, Kerrang!) Their second album would debut at number one in their home country and they began to advance across the globe. With Ghost’s third album, “Meliora,” their brand of metal earned them a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for “Cirice,” helping making them known in the US.
As for the here and now, Ghost is doing incredibly well with their 2022 album, “Impera.” They picked up Loudwire’s nod as 2022 Artist of the Year. Had a song – “Mary on a Cross” – become a viral sensation on TikTok. Fans continued to experience Papa Emeritus IV, the fourth Papa, who was previously Cardinal Copia. Plus, Ghost devotees were finally able to see the Nameless Ghouls; the band members who have been hiding their identities were unmasked.

Although we have known Tobias Forge is Papa for quite some time, plus some current and past members here and there, 2022 was the year Forge said “bags off.” While they took an end-of-tour photo, the band members showed their faces for the first time by removing the bags they wear onstage.

Forge told Loudwire that although posting the photo on social media would reveal their faces, it doesn’t mean we will be privy to everything. “Just because you know who’s playing drums or who’s singing backup, does not mean everyone is supposed to Instagram whatever they’re eating.” There will still be some mystery in Ghostland.
The 27-city tour launches August 2nd in Concord, California and will zigzag the US before ending at Kia Forum with two nights – September 11th and 12th.



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