August 5, 2020 by Rachael Contreras

Not sure what it is these days, but bands seem to be our saviors. Just when we need a pick-me-up, or a good cause to help out, we can count on these sonic heroes.
Godsmack is one of those bands. Best known for the uber hits Voodoo and Whatever, it’s time for another great event.

Thursday, August 6th at 8 PM EST, Sully and Friends will be hosting a marathon fundraiser to benefit The Scars Foundation by live streaming with performances by Godsmack, Aaron Lewis, Brent & Zach of Shinedown, Papa Roach, Mike & Adam of Saint Asonia, Nuno Bettencourt, Clint Lowery of Sevendust and holding an auction.

To help us understand what The Scars Foundation is, their website reads; The Scars Foundation was established by Sully Erna and Godsmack, who have lost an overwhelming number of fellow artists and friends to suicide over the past few years. These losses had a profound effect on Sully. Realizing that mental health issues -including depression- are at the core of this epidemic, Sully is committed to using his platform to help.
The Scars Foundation is dedicated to raising monies to help like-minded organizations fulfill their missions to educate and save lives.  Scars will work tirelessly to help bring a change to the perspective relating to mental health, and the many issues that cause such profound pain.  The focus is not on one single issue, but to serve the broad spectrum of mental health and awareness of the struggle, faced by millions of people in the world today.

We can all list too many artists and individuals that either suffer from or have succumbed to mental health issues so this fundraiser is near and dear to many hearts.  The Scars Foundation modo is: “We are all imperfectly perfect”.
There will be an auction with items from rock groups, the top auction item being Sully Erna’s own beautiful maple Yamaha custom drum kit that he used to record the classic Awake album.  Sully has held onto this drum kit for many years and always thought he’d only part with it to put it in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame but decided to auction it off for donations to The Scars Foundation, in addition to several signed guitars that were used on Godsmack tours.
Sully has been hosting live streamed interviews on his YouTube channel with rock performers over the last few weeks.  Thursday, August 6th, he will show the final episode where you will see all the live performances from all the guests on the show and be able to bid on the auction items.

Auction items include: 
Four guitars, signed by all the members of Godsmack:
Used to record AVALON and during the Avalon touring cycle
Used to record Godsmack’s song “Serenity” as well as on several Godsmack tours and TV appearances
Used to record Sully Erna’s “My Light” and seen on the “Journey To Avalon” video
Sully Erna solo live guitar on Hometown Life tour. Also used to record “A Different Kind Of Tears” and “Don’t Comfort Me”
custom drum kit:
Drum set Sully used to record the 2001 Godsmack album Awake featuring iconic songs such as “Greed,” “Bad Magick” and “Awake”
Recent; The Scars Foundation beneficiaries include:
THRIVE BOXING: Scholarships for at risk youth boxing program in New Hampshire
WINTER POLISH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS: Swimming Championships for the Disabled 2019
GUITARS4VETS: The Scars Foundation is providing a mental health toolkit for all the veterans that participate in all 110 locations
Partnerships: Best Buy | School of Rock
During the month of May/ Mental Health Awareness Month and June/ PTSD Awareness Month, The Scars Foundation provided 12 hours per week for both months of free counseling with master’s level therapists to our Scars Foundation Facebook Group (over 3200 members)

To Catch the Live Stream

For the FaceBook stream via The Scars Foundation Page

It’ll be a great night for a great cause!


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