December 7, 2020 by Adrian Gonzalez

If you’re looking for a new album to keep you entertained and remind you how great ska-punk can be, just look for an album with a real-life version of Goldfinger’s famous alien, complete with skin-tight outfit and a bubble helmet and antennae.
John Feldmann and the rest of  the ska-punk band Goldfinger have made their way back into our cars and homes with a new album, “Never Look Back.”
This is their first album since their 2017 release, “The Knife,” Goldfinger’s new album is a perfect way to end the year on a high note. Although Goldfinger’s 1996 self-titled album belongs in ska-punk’s hall of fame, many fans were first introduced to the band with their mega hit “Superman.”
There was also their 1998 track “Hang-Ups,” which was the first song heard on the classic PlayStation video game “Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater.” With the re-release of the classic game, many have re-kindled their love for Goldfinger, and this makes the new release one of the most perfectly timed events of 2020.
The 12-song album has the energy of their self-titled album with the force and energy we expect to hear from a mature and confident Goldfinger. The first track titled “Infinite” fits perfectly in the beginning with a great build up and amazing harmony. The first single is “Wallflower,” which was written by Feldmann for his wife and podcaster, Amy. The song is a very fun love song that one can dance to and has a tinge of 90-esque pop punk.

The album is filled with an abundance of rock songs that you can dance to and sing loudly, but in true Goldfinger style, they have thrown more “chill” ska songs that are prefect for relaxing.
The guys from Goldfinger are even joined by Monique Powell for the track “Careful What You Wish For” and the song is great attribute to the long friendship that Feldmann and Powell have maintained after all these years.
“Never Look Back” is a prime example of how ska can grow up and still be fun and really good. Goldfinger maintains their signature sound, but through experience and hard work, they have crafted an album that can be used to keep older fans listening and welcoming a whole new generation of ska kids.
Goldfinger has done a great job with staying involved in the ska scene, supporting bands and continuing to provide us with quality content. “Never Look Back” lives up to its name and gives us a chance to have hope for and look forward to the future of ska and what it is capable of… and Goldfinger will be there to help give it the push it needs.



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