June 5, 2023 by David Jackson

They are bizarre, funky, and incredible to watch, and now with new music in tow, Gorillaz are bringing their four-date Getaway Tour to Southern California.

Being as they are one of my absolute favorite bands, I – along with a zillion other Gorillaz fans – was excited to hear this tour news.

The cartoon-infused, four-piece, electro-alt-funk stylings of Gorillaz will hit Los Angeles on their limited-run – yes, only FOUR shows – tour and launch their tour from Banc of California Stadium on September 10th. For this one, they will get opening support from KAYTRANANDA, Lil Yachty, and Remi Wolf.

Gorillaz are coming off an epic performance at Coachella and JKL with Beck. Despite being a virtually animated artist, the real band features actual humans. They have had a few lineup changes over the years, and studio-wise it’s a four piece, but on the road you get more Gorillaz.
Their starting road lineup reads: Damon Albarn (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Smith (keys), Jeff Wootton (guitar), Jesse Hackett (keys), and Seve Adelekan (bass). The percussion section is slammin’ with Karl Vanden Bossche, Remi Kabaka, Jr. and Femi Koleoso. These guys have a way of bringing all that animation to life on stage!

Over the last two decades, Gorillaz have broken the boundaries of live animation and the semi-sonic real life of animated characters that breathe life into every single song. Their music is era defining and has impacted us all with “Clint Eastwood,” “Dare,” “19-2000 : Soul Child,” “Rock the House,” “Feel Good Inc.,” “Stylo,” “Dirty Harry,” “Kids With Guns,” and their latest, “Cracker Island.”

This tour is characterized as “On the Run, One Band, One Bus, Four Cities.” Bottom line, they are mad, bad, and dangerous to know, so make their onstage presence a reality into your concert experience and check them out at Banc of California Stadium!



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