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May 25, 2020 by Adrian Gonzalez
Half Past Two (HP2) is the hidden gem in the crown of Southern California ska music. In their over 13 years of being a band HP2 has managed to stay fresh while gaining the experience of a veteran group.
In March lead singer Tara Hahn spoke with OC Music News. She let us know there would be new music right around the corner; the time for new music has arrived. Since the stay at home order has been announced HP2 has been congruent with their ability to be creative and stay involved in the music community.
Half Past Two is a band that is accustomed to putting themselves out there. Those who follow their social media are usually treated with content designed not only to keep the public entertained but also challenge the band. As the members of the band grow and mature life happens. Many of the members are married and have kids, which they are quick to explain “Not with each-other.” However, life doe not stop HP2 from growing and finding new ways to offer music content.
Instead of releasing and EP on one day, the band has been debuting each song on a different day. The first release was “See You Again.”

That was followed by the Theme song for “Ska Punk Daily” and their newest a redo of their already classic “Lyin’ Eyes.”
HP2 is consistently looking for ways to improve on themselves and even a proven good song like “Lyin’ Eyes” is subject to the work ethic of the band.

Tara said “we gave it a shine” adding “ I really love it.” Tara admits that on the versions from “It’s About Time” she had a sore throat and there were lyrics they feel needed to be fixed. So like the band “it was time to shake out the cobwebs from the song” Half Past 2 will use social media to release covers, remixes and even allow another artist to use their music to create something completely different.
The band has even allowed DJ Anthony DeLorenzi to use “Dare Don’t Tell” and “Artificial” to create some EDM music.
Guitarist Cameron Hallenbeck loves the remixes stating “I think that EDM and ska blend really well together…Tara’s voice is perfect for that EDM sound.


We love to play music that makes everyone happy, we love to hang out as a band of friends; and we love to play live” | Tara Hahn
All this self promotion has caught they eye of the ska community. Half Past Two has been asked to perform in this year’s “Supernova International Ska Festival”. Obviously with everything that is going on its going to be a quarantine edition.
This doesn’t take away that HP2 has earned the right to be featured along side ska big wigs such as “Buck-O-Nine”, The Suicide Machines” and many other great ska bands.

More information can be found at

This whole experience is new for many bands including Half Past Two. Keyboard player David Parris says “Prep work has been kind of weird for Supernova, Obviously we can’t exactly practice right now.” Parris goes on to add “ we’ve knocked out a plan, the band meets on zoom and the band is excited.”
Parris said that he thinks that being part of that line-up of bands, even if it’s digitally is amazing. If you’re interested in seeing the full Supernova line up and it’s performances the virtual festival, it’ll take place June 13th 6pm (Eastern).

Playing ska tunes that are out of this world


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