IRATION Is Set to Drop New Album


July 8, 2020 by Jimmy Alvarez
Back in the day, bands like The Beastie Boys and RUN DMC fused the world of Rap and Rock. Nobody can deny the impact those bands have had on the world of music. The blending of genres has been a big part of today’s music scene. One band that’s taking this art to a new level is a Rasta-influenced band called Iration.
Despite what’s happening during this Zombie apocalypse, Iration has kept very-very busy. True, touring has been a big part of who a lot of bands are. But few have built the incredible fan base that Iration has. Sadly, touring… no matter who you are, just isn’t happening right now. So what’s the alternative for the band and their fans?
For lead singer, Micah Pueschel, he said the band’s kept busy. They wanted to keep that connection with their fans, and at the same time, keep their creative juices flowin’.   
Iration is an Reggae-influenced ALT Rock band from Santa Barbara, who’s band members all originally called Hawaii home. Their sonic vision blending smooth and soulful-reggae and electric Alt Rock created that electrifying signature Jawaiian sound that we’ve come to expect and love from the band.
Before Iration became the juggernaut they are today, they had their challenges just like everyone else. The band formed in 2006, they put out their debut Album the following year. From the beginning, Iration hit the ground running with their first album “No Time To Rest.” They got noticed by all the right people with a song called “Cookie Jar.”
In 2008, the band exploded with their second EP. Their sophomore effort, “Time Bomb” propelled them into the limelight.  
With heavy radio support, songs like “Time Bomb” and “Turn Around” blew up. They took off and have had a string of hit-after-hit ever since. Other fan favorite hits include “Falling,” “Hotting Up,” “Wait and See,” “Back Around,” “Reelin,” and “Automatic,” just to name a few.
Now, Iration is about to release their 7th studio album. It’s called “Coastin.”  It’ll drop this Friday, July 10th.  
As with their previous work, “Coastin'” has that vibe we get from the great bands and artists from the Islands. Honestly, this may be the best collective work they’ve put out.
Over their career, Iration has toured with some of the biggest names in music, who just happen to be some of the voices of Hawaii. Bands and artists like like Pepper, The Green, J. Boog, and Jack Johnson have all contributed to the new Hawaiian sound. Iration just adds to the list of incredible artists coming from the Islands.
In a previous statement, the band said “We are proud to announce that our newest album, Coastin’, will be coming out this Summer. We really love the songs and the overall vibe, and we can’t wait for you to hear it. We are truly excited to play the new songs for you live as well.” 
Since they can’t go out on tour this summer, they’re doing the next best thing. They’ll be doing livestream shows for their fans. If you haven’t seen them live before, this will be a treat.
Collectively, the band is simply electric. The band features Micah Pueschel (lead vocals & guitar), Adam Taylor (bass),  Cayson Peterson (on keys), Micah Brown (guitar and backing vocals]),  and Joe “The D” Dickens (on drums). 
The response from their fans regarding the livestream shows and the new tunes has been very-very positive. Music fans in general are so happy that bands are doing livestream shows. Especially given the current circumstances regarding Covid-19.


The first two singles off the album is the title track, “Coastin,” there’s also “Right Here Right Now.”  
The music is simply amazing and the lyrics are very powerful. For Iration it’s Just an evolutionary on-ramp that all great bands take.


Thoughts on Reggae

Reggae isn’t something you hear, it’s something you feel.
Peter Tosh
On Facebook the band says | “We’re baaaaaack! Stoked to announce our official Coastin’ livestream presented by Nocapsshows. We are broadcasting live from SOhO Restaurant & Music Venue in Santa Barbara on Thursday, July 9th at 7pm.
This is a free show with RSVP and our first time performing new songs off our new album, Coastin’, set to drop Friday, July 10th. So let’s ride, catch a vibe, and get lost in the music together… We’re Coastin‘.”


There will be a string of Livestream shows starting tonight

PreOrder the album at


1. Coastin’
2. Contact High
3. Guava Lane ft. Eli-Mac
4. Daylight Saving
5. Zen Island
6. Right Here Right Now (ft. Eric Rachmany and Stick Figure)
7. Home Tonight
8. Fancy
9. If You Only Knew ft. Common Kings
10. Chill Out
11. Smile
12. Move Forward
12 Learn From Me