The Sound Of Animals Fighting
December 14, 2022 by Tim Markel
On January 8th, an amazing lineup of bands is coming to the House of Blues Anaheim for what will likely be one of the most talked-about events of 2023. For its first year ever, the brand new Kill Iconic Fest will feature the art-rock supergroup The Sound of Animals Fighting to headline.
Since the band’s inception in 2004, The Sound of Animals Fighting has only performed a total of 16 shows, with their last OC show occurring in 2019. With each band member’s respectively busy schedule, opportunities to see The Sound of Animals Fighting become rarer and rarer with every passing year.
The Sound of Animals Fighting features members of Rx Bandits, Saosin, Days Away, and Chiodos, however it currently remains unknown which members will be performing at Kill Iconic Fest.
During the early stages of the band, the identities of the members were, for the most part, kept secret. With masks being worn in promo photos and aliases being given to each member, fans’ curiosity saw no bounds. Rumors of who the band featured spread across the internet and The Sound of Animals Fighting quickly gained a cult following before having ever played a show. There was, however, one unmistakable component, and that was the voice of singer Anthony Green. 

Anaheim, California

January 8, 2022

With the recently announced hiatus of Circa Survive, singer Anthony Green has seemingly cleared just a tiny bit of space in his extremely busy schedule for several new musical endeavors. Along with the new Sound of Animals Fighting album “Apeshit” on the horizon, Green recently released a solo album (“Boom.Done.”), along with a full-length from the brand new supergroup L.S. Dunes. Green is not only one of the most talented singers of our generation, but also one of the most prolific. 
If you stopped reading the lineup for Kill Iconic Fest after The Sound of Animals Fighting, it might be enough for you to drop what you’re doing and buy a ticket, but there’s more. Progressive-rock trio The Fall of Troy – who you might have seen opening for Alexisonfire on their recent tour – will bring their intense, face-melting brand of rock back to House of Blues Anaheim. The Fall of Troy is always such an amazingly chaotic experience that they alone are worth the price of admission. There is however one more currently unannounced headlining band that should be added to the bill soon.

Additional main support is post-hardcore veterans Scaring Kids Scaring Kids. With a recently released album that features a different guest singer on every song, I’m looking forward to seeing who Scary Kids Scaring Kids will have singing for them, however I suspect Cover Reber of Dead American (ex-Saosin) might take on vocal duties.
Also performing at the Kill Iconic Fest is math-rock band Strawberry Girls. The band features ex-Dance Gavin Dance guitar player Zachary Garren who is a musical genius in his own right. If you haven’t listened to Strawberry Girls, do yourself a favor and check out the band’s latest album “Prussian Gloom.” 
Kill Iconic Fest will begin the day with opening acts Record Setter, Moxy, Moondough, Body Thief, Ahh-Ceh, Satyr, Concrete Castles, Gold Necklace, Andres, and a DJ set by WSTDYTH. 
Get your tickets before it’s too late!




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