January 15, 2020 by Rachael Contreras
Los Angeles-radio juggernaut 95.5 KLOS is bringing a colossal music journalist to its airwaves; Matt Pinfield. Whether you know him as a radio DJ, or from his YouTube show, “In a Lonely Place,” or as the world-famous 120 Minutes VJ on MTV, Pinfield is a legend in the world of music.

He’s done so many amazing things in his music career, but the one thing he has always loved most is sharing new music.
Born in New Jersey, Pinfield got his start in 1984 as a radio DJ and music director for the local Rutgers University radio station. This led to a mainstream radio gig and a longstanding DJ job for a popular, alternative-music nightclub where he built friendships with many substantial and up-and-coming bands.
Pinfield was able to use his immense musical knowledge, conversational abilities, and capacity for not getting nervous to work his way up in music journalism through radio shows and being an MTV VJ.

Pinfield is definitely a force to be reckoned with, nothing can hold him back. A few years ago, a terrible car accident literally tore half of his head and face open. He also lost the use of one of his legs, but he dominated his recovery and is now walking and exercising better than ever!
After conducting more than 1,500 interviews, he has endless stories about the people he has met and the things he has done. He loves to chat and doesn’t get nervous… ever. Whether he is introducing an iconic band to a sold-out Madison Square Garden audience, interviewing some of the biggest bands rock and roll has ever seen, or being honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his work in music, Pinfield is calm and cool. But the icing on this Pinfield cake is that he is one of the coolest, kindest, hardworking, and most sincere guys on the planet.
Having previously been the VP of A&R and artist development for Columbia Records, and producing bands since he was in college, he has a keen ear for music and a natural talent for finding “the next big thing.”
Pinfield has had many platforms to present his musical brilliance, and now he is bringing it all to Los Angeles’ own 95.5 KLOS FM on Sunday nights with his new show, “New & Improved -The Show Keeping New Rock Alive.”

New and Improved

Matt is the perfect host for this show. As I believe David Gorhl said, ‘Matt is a musicologist’s musicologist.’ He has a great ear, a tremendous passion for rock music and he will bring this show to life help us and make it a real force.”

Keith Cunningham

Program Director | KLOS

Pinfield says he’s really excited to join the staff at KLOS and he’s happy to be on the air in Los Angeles – the city he lives in and loves. He says he has always loved KLOS because of their consistency and they’ve never given up on true rock and roll. He appreciates that the station wants to support local music and plays unsigned bands. He says, “We’re looking for the superstars of the future.”
One of his joys of talking new music is turning people on to new artists, and exposing new artists to the audience. He also enjoys giving different perspectives on the history of artists and interesting facts about the artists or the songs. He says his new show will be a good balance of that; entertainment and information.

Pinfold told us, “Truthfully, I get so much enjoyment out of being of service to artists it’s really something I absolutely enjoy. I’m really in it for all the right reasons. I really love to tell people about good new music, too. I think there’s an important balance between being entertaining and informative. At the end of the day, music is something that’s so important. It’s something that hits you emotionally. It’s something that you feel and you love, whatever that is that you find about music. For me, that’s why I love rock and roll… there’s always great artists that need a leg up and need their break… this gives me the opportunity to do that and help artists.”
How does he find the new bands to share with the audience? He says he’s always on the hunt, search websites and scouring streaming sites, plus some are brought to him – there is no one way to find the next big thing! He does say it’s definitely time consuming, but “when you find that diamond in the rough, there’s no better feeling.”
We all love to find new bands and listen to new music, but never know where to go or what to listen to. With Pinfield’s new show, it couldn’t be easier – he will have a neatly-wrapped, “new music gift” every Sunday for us. To finally have a solidified avenue for new artists to be showcased, and with Matt Pinfield behind it… it’s sure to be a mega hit.
Because he has devoted his life to music, being in the music industry feels like where he belongs.  Since it’s a tough business and people come and go, he says he knows how fortunate he is to still be around. He likes being a positive energy to people in and out of music.
With all these experiences in music, we asked if he had ever wanted to be in a band himself. He said, “I’ve performed on many stages and sang in bands for years, I’ve guest sang at Punk Rock Karaoke and on stage with three original members of KISS when Gene Simmons invited me to sing… but I always knew I was a messenger. As a kid, I always knew I wanted to be a rock star or a DJ and it worked out (laughs). They didn’t have VJs back then, but I ended up on TV as a VJ and so grateful that MTV gave me a national platform and let me be who I was. They didn’t try to mold me and I think that’s why I had such a high rating.”

Tune in this Sunday, January 17, “New & Improved’s” first show. The Black Crowes will join his for the inaugural show and next Sunday, he will have Taylor Momsen from Pretty Reckless. He will be playing his new favorite band, Royal Blood, as well as a few Rachael-O-Rama interview favorites like Slaves to Humanity (he calls them a great group of young guys), and hopefully Civic in the Sun (he loves lead singer Aaron Perilo’s voice). The show will air on 95.5 KLOS FM on Sunday nights from 8-10 pm PST.
Pinfield closed our chat by saying, “I love seeing bands develop and grow. It’s an exciting time. I’m extremely pumped about it. It’s going to be a great experience. KLOS is a great station. I really believe in what Keith (KLOS program director) and the staff are doing over there.”