January 19, 2022 by Rachael Contreras
It’s almost time to check out one of the craziest annual festivals that rock music has to offer: Knotfest Roadshow. Knotfest was created by the megalith band Slipknot to bring a “dark carnival experience” to rock music each year, and they never disappoint!
Slipknot has hundreds of millions of listeners around the world and is known for their attention-grabbing garb of crazy masks and matching jumpsuits while rocking out to their loud, aggressive, and deep music. The band has said that performing in these masks allow them to become more intimate with their music and use it as a pseudo-personality from their non-music lives.


North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre
Chula Vista, California | June 18, 2022
Knotfest Roadshow will come in two different legs this year. This first leg will feature Slipknot, monumental showmen In This Moment, and straight from the UK, Jinjer. The second leg carries Slipknot, mega sensations Cypress Hill, and unique hip hop/punk group Ho99o9 (pronounced “Horror”).
Each month-long leg will have its own touring section of the US and Canada, and will crisscross different states so be sure to check the line-up in your area.
Slipknot member Clown said, “It feels so good to get back out on the road with our Culture. Get ready for a brand-new experience. See you soon.”
Corey Taylor said, “Even with everything going on in the world right now, we’re still extremely excited to come back out in the states, with 2 different, exciting packages. Whether it’s In This Moment and Jinjer, or Cypress and Ho99o9, we pride ourselves in bringing our fans the epicenter of our music and art. Come celebrate with us, and try to stay as safe as we will be.”

With crypto currency being what it is today, Live Nation’s Live Stubs have created collectible NFTs for the show. They will mirror the section, row, seat and enthusiasm of your purchased ticket. This helps fan collectors keep their concert stubs by “offering incentives in a real-world application, and value” per the Knotfest site.
There are many perks to purchasing these tickets, but Knotfest Premium members get the VIP treatment with the first opportunity of purchasing these collectable tickets and securing their place at the show.
Tickets go on sale Friday so be sure to sign up for updates and become a member on their site, otherwise you’re likely to miss out and no one enjoys FOMO (fear of missing out)!


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