This Week is Lit!

A Conversation with Jeremy Popoff
October 28 2021 by Traci Turner
This is the week of Lit! On Tuesday, the band dropped their new single, “Yeah Yeah Yeah!” and tomorrow, they will be in OC for Boo Ha Ha with MEST and Handsome Devil. We were lucky enough to catch original member Jeremy Popoff in the middle of the craziness to get the scoop on what has been going on what is to come.
The SoCal band has been scattered across the US, but they will be in town tomorrow. Front-man Ajay Popoff, brother Jeremy on lead guitar, bassist Kevin Baldes, and drummer Taylor Carroll will play our faves along with the new track, but is there more?
“My Own Worst Enemy” was the anthem of 1999 and now we may have a new party song with “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” Seriously, you can’t be in a bad mood listening to the new track!
Lit has been on the road, but also working on a new album, plus they have made plans to tour the UK with Bowling For Soup. What else can we get out of Jeremy?!
Traci: Hey Jeremy! Thanks for chatting with us! I know you are busy and getting the band together for the show. What state does each band member live in?
Jeremy: Ajay and I live in Nashville and Kevin is still in OC. Our drummer Taylor is from Nashville, but for some reason is living in Los Angeles.
Traci: How did this scattering of members affect your new music and touring, plus that whole lockdown thing?
Jeremy: Writing wise, it didn’t affect it much. It was weird trying to write over Zoom, but since Ajay and I do most of the writing, we got together a lot with people around Nashville. Touring isn’t much different because we fly somewhere and meet up and then do what we’ve always done once we’re all together.
Traci: How has touring been going in this new era of COVID?
Jeremy: Some towns are awesome, some towns are weird. It’s kind of hit and miss depending on the city, the state, and how things are going there. Overall though, the shows have been great and people definitely seem more than stoked to be back at a live show.
Traci: I know I am! The new song makes me want to jump around at a show with hundreds of my closest friends! What inspired “Yeah Yeah Yeah?”
Jeremy: “Yeah Yeah Yeah” was one of the first of the new batch of songs. We hooked up with Carlo Colasacco and Eric Paquette and set out to capture the vibe and spirit of old school Lit, but with a modern production approach.
Traci: It definitely worked! It feels like 1999, but 2021 too. When will video be released?
Jeremy: The video comes out November 3.
Traci: How far along is the new album?
Jeremy: The whole record will come out next spring. We’re about 80 percent done. Just a couple more to finish some tracks on and finish mixing. We’re super pumped about the new batch of songs. It’s a jammer!
Traci: Awesome! We need it! Are you excited for Boo Ha Ha?
Jeremy: Very excited for Boo Ha Ha. It’s been a while since we’ve played OC and this is the perfect venue and event for a homecoming show. And Josh and everyone at Brew Ha Ha always crush it with amazing events.
Traci: Yup, it’s going to be a blast! Thank you Jeremy! We look forward to seeing you guys live tomorrow and hearing all the new stuff soon!
If you somehow missed “Yeah Yeah Yeah” earlier this week, listen now. Then be ready next week for the new video to drop. Hmmm… I guess this week of Lit may need to be stretched to the month of Lit…


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