March 27, 2020 by Randi Lavik

In our ongoing series on what we’re all doing while on Lockdown, we’ve asked our writer’s, musician friends, and others in the entertainment world what they’re doing to keep themselves busy. We asked if there are any movies, NetFlix series, Bands, albums they like to listen to that they could recommend

We posed this question to veteran OC DJ, Randi Lavik. She’s originally from Downey, California and went to high school during one of the greatest eras in music history. It’s been called the decade of decadence and the Mtv era… it was the 80’s!

Randi is an on-air co-host’s at TNN RADIO and runs the show at the Drop. We asked her what her 10 favorite songs were when she was in High School? That question just made her smile.

Lavik thought this was a great question, but a tough one for her. Her response was “10?! Ok, hmmmm, it was a very good time for music…. there are just so many good ones!” Let’s try these in no particular order.

Randi’s Picks, In No Particular Order

Kiss Me by Stephen “TinTin” Duffy

White Lines by Grandmaster Flash

You Dropped a Bomb on Me by Gap Band

It’s Tricky by Run DMC

Borderline by Madonna

Raspberry Beret by Prince

Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) by Wham!

The Men All Pause by Klymaxx

How to be a Millionaire by ABC

Living on the Ceiling by Blancmange

AEIOU Sometimes Y (Honorable Mention)

World Destruction by Time Zone (Just Because)

Stayed tuned for more stories from our writer’s

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