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July 18, 2023 by David Jackson  
The old saying of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” appears to be absolutely true in the case of Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen. This “apple” has everything firing on all cylinders with his band Mammoth WVH.

With the success of hits like “Don’t Back Down,” “Epiphany,” “Distance,” “Another Celebration at the end of the World,” and his latest “Take a Bow,” Van Halen has demonstrated he is his father’s son.  

Mammoth WVH is definitely kicking butt and taking names! With a new album, “Mammoth II,” ready to drop August 4th, Van Halen has a series of shows aimed at having us get to know him better.

Wolfy is set to play the Observatory in Santa Ana on August 27th, and the buzz is palpable. Mammoth will also open for Metallica during their upcoming Stadium Tour.  
If that’s not enough Mammoth WVH for you, the band just announced they will hit the road on their own headlining tour starting November 4th in Milwaukee.

They will crisscross North America before they return to SoCal on December 9th at the Belasco.  

It is hard to gauge most times if the children of superstars can replicate their parents’ success. All indications suggest Wolfgang Van Halen just might be on the rocket ride to the stars.
Seriously, check this band out when they play near you.        



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