August 28, 2020 by Rachael Contreras
We’ve heard about this event on KLOS, Metallica is bringing a live experience to North American drive-in and outdoor theaters on Saturday, August 29th with a concert filmed for the big screen, presented by Encore Drive-In Nights!   

This is an exclusive performance of one of the biggest bands in the universe playing just for this drive-in viewing experience?  This should be a night to remember! 
Metallica hasn’t performed on stage since last September so they have been rehearsing just for this taping.  Since the video will be professionally edited, this will look like one glorious rock music video you get to watch on the big screen from the comfort of your vehicle.
Lars Ulrich said in an interview with CNN, “We’re happy to find another way to connect with our fans and get music out there.  We file this under an ‘experiment’.”
Right now, Metallica says they don’t think they will be able to tour again for another year due to COVID-19.  While we wait patiently for the world to stop coming to an end and we can go to live shows again, you can catch this show and their new album with the San Francisco Symphony, S&M2
Metallica wants to ensure their fans that during the making of this video, everyone involved followed all health and safety suggested recommendations by federal, state and local authorities.
By the way, each ticket gets you 4 downloads of their new album, S&M2!  How awesome is that?!


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