Miley Cyrus is FINALLY Comfortably Numb

October 20, 2020 by David Jackson

If 2020 hasn’t been weird enough, the word on the street is that Miley Cyrus is getting ready to release a Metallica covers album. That means it’s official, Hannah Montana is all gown up!
Even though she’s best known for having a pop career, she’s shed that image and ventured into the world of weird many times by pushing the envelope.

While Covid-19 has been making our lives miserable, Cyrus has taken to making more music and evolving her character in music to it’s next evolution


I’ve learned that strength is something you choose!”


Growing up as a tv character and being known as that character carried a lot of baggage. It was from those struggles she developed a sense of self and who she wanted to be. The first hint our Hannah was in her rearview mirror was her hit “Wrecking Ball.”

Another hint that Ms. Montana was a distant memory and Miley’s music was evolving was a song called “Fly on the Wall.” Again, a trip into Miley’s bizarro world of weird.

Regardless of how we’ve labeled her, she continues to push and push. Over the years she’s performed songs that lead us to where we are today.
Believe it or not, she’s performed covers of other iconic bands like Pink Floyd and their tripendicular anthem “Comfortably Numb.” She first performed Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival.

So who is the new Miley Cyrus? She’s a person who cares about her brothers and sisters in the music biz and took part in the “Save Our Stages Fest.” Sure, it’s not addressing world hunger, but if everyone did a little something, this current COVID-life we find ourselves in wouldn’t be as challenging. For that, Cyrus has earned the respect of not only her fans, but those who didn’t know much about her aside from Hannah and her dad, Billy Ray.

Recently, Cyrus treated her fans to a few other covers. She reached back and sprung forward with Blondie’s “Heart of Glass.” Then she popped out The Cranberries’ “Zombie” and The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry.”

Despite the criticism most pop stars get about lip-syncing, Cyrus proves to be a great live performer and clearly demonstrates she has the pipes to support her bigger than life persona.
In a recent interview Cyrus said, “We’ve been working on a Metallica cover album and I’m here working on that.” She went on to say, “We’re so lucky to be able to continue to work on our art during all of this. At first, it felt uninspiring and now I’ve been totally ignited.” When asked about bands like Flaming Lips and being fearless in pursuit of different sounds and other exploits, she said, “I have such a healthy and sexy relationship with recklessness right now. I can say yes to anything. It would take something really fucking crazy for me to say no.
As for her most current single, check out “Midnight Sky.”

Looking forward to recording, she looks to channel her inner Iggy Pop to bring other versions of their music to life. Look for some cool guest appearances on her forthcoming album titled “She is Miley Cyrus.”
Needless to say, she’s come a long way since those early days, and there’s no doubt Hannah Montana has left the building.