United States of Terror Tour

February 24, 2023 by Chris Hazel
One of the most important pioneers for death metal will be thrashing their way through a city near you for a five week-long tour. Starting next month, Morbid Angel will be pounding the pavement for the United States Tour of Terror 2023, bringing along their friends Revocation, Crypta, Vitriol, and Skeletal Remains. Revocation, Crypta, and Skeletal Remains will handle the shows March 15th through April 4th; then Vitriol takes over for Skeletal Remains.

These metal mayhems from Tampa are considered one of the founding fathers of modern day extreme heavy metal. Formed in 1983, Morbid Angel will be celebrating 40 years in the making as they terrorize all across America. This super group features founding member / guitarist / keyboardist Trey Azagthoth; on again off again lead vocalist / bassist Steve Tucker; percussionist Scott Fuller; and guitarist Dan Vadim Von.

When Morbid Angel recorded their most recent album, 2017’s “Kingdom of Disdained,” the band once again captured magic by rediscovering their old sound. The harsh growling style and fast rhythm blast beats has made them one of the most consistent metal groups in the last 40 years, and is the reason why they are one of the most mimicked metal bands in history. This formula is one of the reasons why fans simply can’t get enough.
Joining Morbid Angel on this tour is the progressive death metal trio from Boston, Revocation. Brought to life in 2000, the group delivered their album “Netherheaven” in July of 2022 and gave fans classical trash metal techniques and more mechanical death metal riffs.
Lead guitarist and lead vocalist Dave Davidson explains Revocation’s excitement: “It’s an honor to hit the road again with Morbid Angel for their 40th anniversary. Morbid has been a huge influence on me as well as the rest of my bandmates so we’re all looking forward to watching them crush it every night! This tour is truly stacked from top to bottom so make sure you get your tickets before they start selling out!”

With looks that could kill, one of the most up and coming death metal bands in recent years is the all-female ensemble from Brazil called Crypta. After forming in 2019, they dropped their debut album “Echoes of the Soul” in 2021. After a huge response at Rock in Rio and the Wacken Open Air Festival, they headed back to the studio to record their sophomore album which is set to launch later this year.
Lead screamer and bassist Fernanda Lira said of the tour: “We are beyond excited for our first tour ever in the USA – we know they’re one of our most solid fanbases around the world and we’ve been working so hard to finally be able to meet them all on the road! Besides that, Morbid Angel is one of our main influences and the whole package is simply killer – can it get any more special than that? We don’t think so!!!”

Originally called Anthropophagy, Skeletal Remains is a more traditional style death metal band from SoCal, established in 2011. Somewhat of a mystery, Skeletal Remains has a plethora of tour merchandise that is considered collectable among their underground cult following. They recently released “Desolate Isolation,” an album filled with rare demos of older songs, live recordings, and bonus tracks.
Even more of an enigma is the threesome from Oregon known as Vitriol who will be on the second leg of the tour. This extreme metal lineup takes things to the next level by cranking it all the way past 11. Their 2019 album, “To Bathe From the Throat of Cowardice,” is all about intensity. With constant technical guitar shredding, the listener is bombarded by an onslaught of blast beats that feel like you are slamming your entire body into a brick wall at full speed over and over again.
Don’t miss your chance to see Morbid Angel in action. Tickets are already sold out for the Los Angeles show at The Regent on March 26th, but you can still get tickets to the San Diego show at Brick by Brick on March 25th where OC Music News will be giving you the full scoop, so hurry fast before time runs out!



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