Psychotherapy Tour to Hit Five Point Amp
April 12, 2023 by Kevin Gomez
After 12 long years, Mudvayne is back and ready to conquer the world. Their Psychotherapy Sessions tour kicks off in July and runs through the end of August.
The heavy metal band was first formed in Illinois in 1996, releasing their first EP, “Kill, I Oughtta” in 1997. However, it wasn’t until their follow-up release, “L.D. 50,” where the band exploded onto the music scene thanks to the hit single, “Dig.”

The music video fell into heavy rotation on MTV, both for their terrifying face paint and iconic heavy sound. Their sound may be most notable due to bassist Ryan Martinie’s unique playing style of incorporating thumping flicks and flamenco-style strumming. Their debut studio album would eventually go gold, and their total discography would sell over six million records worldwide.

Despite their success, the band went on hiatus in 2010 while lead singer Chad Gray, and guitarist Greg Tribbett focused on touring and recording with the supergroup Hellyeah. While many thought the band had disbanded for good as the hiatus surpassed a decade, Mudvayne announced plans to regroup in 2021 as shows started opening up again. For a reunion of this magnitude, Mudvayne have announced the Psychotherapy Sessions tour with a monster lineup that rivals anything they’ve done in the past.

MUDVAYNE LIVE | Photo by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography

Also returning from a long hiatus for this tour will be Coal Chamber. The nu-metal act from Los Angeles first announced plans to return featuring a spot on Sick Sad World in Las Vegas shortly before joining Mudvayne on this tour. Fans of the metal scene were ecstatic to learn that not only were two of their favorite bands reunited, but touring around the country this summer.
Gwar is a band that could easily headline a tour of this size all its own, so to be involved will just lead to the madness sure to come. If you think Mudvayne has theatrics and visual effects, Gwar takes it to a whole new dimension with their shock-rock thrash metal. They will no doubt be playing songs off of their recent release, “The New Dark Ages.”
Rounding out the lineup will be Florida’s Nonpoint, and groove metal band Butcher Babies from Los Angeles.
The massive tour stops in SoCal on August 17th at FivePoint Amp. Tickets are on sale now for all US shows.