Pac-12 and BIG 10 About to Opt Out
August 10, 2020 by Tommy Johnson

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the term CLASH of the TITANS when describe a big College Football game. Well, 2020 has brought this saga to life, and it never looked like this.
As 2020 evolves into a cluster of fragmented Conferences, it’s being reported that The Big Ten and Pac-12 Conferences will cancel their college football seasons on Tuesday due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

College Football 2020

The ACC and the Big 12 are on the fence.. And the SEC is trying to get teams to join them for a season.”
The Dan Patrick Show
The Associated Press reported that The Big Ten’s university Presidents and Chancellors held a meeting Sunday night to vote on the upcoming season. It was further reported that 12 of the 14 Presidents from the Big Ten have voted against having a 2020 Football season.
On the Dan Patrick show, it was reported that “Iowa and Nebraska were the two that have been pushing to play.”
Patrick also reported the Pac-12 will also cancel their season.

The Big Ten is leading the movement. The Pac-12 push is fueled by players threats to opt out.  If these two conferences do as anticipate and “Opt Out,” it’s unlikely the 3 remaining conferences can put together a championship schedule.

The fact is that the College Football Playoff is built around all five conferences. Look, the writing’s been on the wall for the past few weeks, we’ll know what’s up and what’s not in the next 72-hours.

So, if this happens, how will this impact the NFL?

As it stands, it appears that college football may come to a complete stop this week, we’ll see about the NFL… stay tuned!

PAC-12 & BIG 10 About To Opt Out of 2020 Season

PAC-12 & BIG TEN Are About to Make History

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