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February 24, 2023 by Rachael Contreras
Coining the term “sunset grunge,” Slaves to Humanity has been rocking their young hearts out for the past few years. While influenced by ‘90s grunge, this quartet has a sound all their own. With their latest single “Bully,” you can hear their individuality and it makes you curious to hear what’s next.

STH includes Adain Amini on vocals, Shane Ryan on drums, Pierce Akers on guitar, and Nathan Johnson on bass. The former contestants on Hit Parader’s competition show “No Cover” have already gained fans with hits like “Battleground,” “The Start,” and “Shake My Faith.” Now Slaves to Humanity has another ace up their sleeve with their newest single, “Bully.”

I asked front-man Aidan Amini about the new single and he said, “Bully is an anthem for those that can’t speak up for themselves and a big ‘F-You’ to those that think they can treat others this way.” Amini explained that when he was a kid, he was pushed around and beat up by the neighborhood bully. This caused him to become more introverted and look to video games, comic books, and Star Wars. Proudly labeling himself a self-proclaimed nerd, he says he finally started to feel like he fit in during high school.

Amini also stated they have yet to lay down tracks for an album because they are fine tuning their sound. He revealed that they are “changing their sound,” when in reality they are expanding it to include more instruments, faster tempos, and the like. They feel such a deep connection with their fans that they do not want to put out an album until they feel comfortable with their sound.

STH’s Instagram posts have been getting some extra attention as well. The band members are styled with such personality, precision, and flare, you’d think David Bowie himself dressed them. You’d also never guess that two of the band members graduated high school just last year, Amini included!
OC’s new favorite sons have some local shows coming up, Amini SAID they will soon be touring, so be on the lookout for their concert announcements to find a show near you.



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