NOFX Goes LIVE from Fat Mike’s Backyard

September 3, 2020 by Rachael Contreras
2020 has been described as the “Cruel Summer” and the “Summer of Bummer.” Then again, if you ask people who regularly attend concerts if they miss it, they’d say…. YEAH, we miss it big time! BUT, this summer has had a hidden feature. It’s allowed many to spend more time with their family. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on who you are of course. With that in mind, NOFX is giving us another opportunity to spend time with our family and make it a great day and a great memory!
Here’s the skinny, NOFX has been rocking our worlds since 1983!  They are one of those punk bands that you listen to once and you cannot get their catchy and ingenious lyrics out of your head.  If you have ever had a chance to see them, you know they put on a fascinating show.  If you haven’t seen them live before you are in luck!  NOFX will be playing one of their most beloved albums, 1992’s White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean in its entirety on Saturday, September 19!


Back then, nobody knew punk rock was a viable way to make a living. We did it because we loved it.”
Front man “Fat Mike” had this to say on his Instagram post about the show:
“Hello Fans of NOFX…. since we haven’t played a show in like a year, and we’re not gonna play any for like another year… we’re doing this. if y’all buy tickets, it would be greatly appreciated! 100% of ticket sales goes to nofx. It’s our only source of income this year. We thank you and our crew thanks you….  And I guarantee you that the VIP pass will be fucking insane! I know who’s coming over…. Also, masks will be mandatory for the 40-50 people that will be in my yard.  #weekendatfattys
Will we get to see more of the abundance of squash and veggie Mike has been growing in his backyard?  Or the awesome mural of Black Flag’s Jealous Again cover art his talented artist girlfriend, Jentrois painted on the side of their home?  Or maybe one of Cokie the Clown’s clown cars?  Who knows but we for sure are ever grateful for the opportunity to watch a live stream of such a radical band.

The band posted a little something about the Backyard BBQ show on their Facebook:
Tickets are on sale now  for you to see NOFX perform their album, White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean, in its entirety for the first time ever! Catch them virtually from Fat Mike’s backyard on September 19th at 2 PM PST. Grab an all-access VIP pass to hang with the band after their performance as cameras roll well into the night.
You’ll be treated to a trove of unannounced guests, performers, comedy, campfire stories, and more!


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