October 21, 2020 by Rachael Contreras

In this third installment of Rachael-O-Rama, I bring you the Orange County band, Odd Robot. 

Front-man Andy Burris describes Odd Robot’s sound the best saying: “Take equal parts Smoking Popes, Green Day, Alkaline Trio, and Motion City Soundtrack, and you’ve probably nailed our sound. We play what was cool in 2001, and is absolutely unapproachable now. Unless you’re a 38 white dude who likes algebra.”  They have also been known to call themselves, “Southern California version of The Smoking Popes” which is pretty damn accurate!

The Bots have a great new acoustic album out of their favorite hits titled, A Late Night Quarantiniac (a play on their album titled, A Late Night Panic) onWiretap Records.  Andy started to work on this a few weeks into the COVID lockdown; “I think it took four or five weekends to record. I was tired of not seeing my friends, my band mates. I had to do something. So, I did some stripped-down versions of our songs. It was sort of inspired by the live streams I had been doing.”

After the rollercoaster of 2020 and not being able to make plans, all we have are fun ideas of what next year will bring. 
In true “Andy fashion” he told me this about what Odd Robot hopes to see in 2021.  “We plan to make another LP. It’s going to be called “DEATHMATES.”  Then we will break up and start other projects. Most bands go downhill after the third or fourth record, you know? Imagine what the follow up to In Utero would’ve sounded like. Garbage, right?”

All kidding aside, Odd Robot is well worth the listen, and when live music comes back, check them out! Be sure to check out their creative videos on YouTube! 

Collectively, Odd Robot is dynamic and electric. The band features lead vocals/guitarist Andy Burris, vocals/guitarist Mike Doherty, vocals/bassist Logan Barton and drummer Damian Monroy. Aptly named, this band is like nothing you seen before.


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