OMD is Coming to You!

October 14, 2020 by Traci Turner
Music lovers know the concert industry has been wrecked in 2020. Every concert employs hundreds – sometimes thousands – of personnel who are out of jobs in our concert-less world.
As bands explore other options to perform, OMD is doing something for us AND their crew.

YOU ME & OMD will feature a livestream performance from OMD as they play selections from “Architecture & Morality,” plus plenty of other favorites.
YOU ME & OMD will provide aid to OMD’s hard-working crew – people who have not had any work since February and face uncertainty in the future due to the pandemic.
I was saddened to hear front-man Andy McCluskey tested positive for COVID-19; but thankfully, he suffered a minor case and will be out of isolation this week so they can rehearse for the livestream. When I spoke to McCluskey recently, we discussed the effects of the shutdown on the touring industry.
He has been very vocal online to bring awareness to, and get support for, the crews responsible for the tours we love through the Red Alert Project and #WeMakeEvents. “We are reliant on our crew,” he explained. Calling crew members “family,” he said bands and their tour crew “are a chain and if one link breaks, it fails.

Due to Covid related restrictions, YOU ME & OMD was pushed back. It will now take place on June 19th. In addition to livestream tickets, there are options to be part of the “Zoom audience” during the show, and even attend the very limited audience performance in person.

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