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March 8, 2020 by Jimmy Alvarez

As kids we like to think our heroes are larger than life, but when in reality, they’re just like you and me. In some cases, when you get to really know them, they can be very-very human… sometimes they can even let you down. Then again, sometimes, just sometimes, they turn out to be the coolest people that walk the earth. In this case, being a good guy is definitely, Paul Collins.

Before we talk about him, let’s talk about the music behind the band. A lot of music fans, especially those from SoCal sometimes associate greatness with popularity. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad means of measurement, especially for a band; but in this case, you would be wrong… and pleasantly surprised. In SoCal, and other parts, when you think a band called the beat, you may associate that band name first with Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger. That duo is a great TwoTone ska band from England. They were formed as the beat; Wakeling had to re-name himself in the US as The English Beat once he started playing on his own in the US because of Collins.

The thing is the English-based-beat has a very large and accomplished catalog of music. For those not familiar with America’s beat (the Paul Collins version), when they look them up…. they are often pleasantly surprise. The U.S.-based Beat was formed in 1979 by the aforementioned Paul Collins. He’s also best know for being the drummer of L.A. power-pop legend The Nerves. Since imitation is the greatest form of flattery, the Nerves are somewhat best-known for being the band the first put out a song that was later covered and became an ginormous hit for Deborah Harry (Blondie). That song was called, Hanging On The Telephone.

Hanging on the Telephone | Single by The Nerves

Circling back to the US-based Beat, their 1979 debut eponymous album continued in the vein of the Nerves and remains one of power-pops great hits. Following their second album, 1981’s The Kids Are the Same, the band, now calling themselves Paul Collins’ Beat splintered after they a split from their label.

There’s more that went into the split, but that’s a different story for another day. That all being said, the band’s catalog of songs have been part of Americana for over two decades. Some of their tunes and Collins solo tunes still get airplay on radio. Those songs include Broken Hearted, Walking Out on Love, All Over the World, Feel the Noise, Only Girl, Under the Rock and their uber-hit Rock ‘n Roll Girl.

Broken Hearted from Long Time Gone/To Beat Or Not To Beat

As a solo artist, Collins continues to lend his era-defining presence to some of the most indelible pop-music of the last 40 years. He still tours with The Beat, and they’ve even re-issued Long Time Gone and To Beat Or Not To Beat.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl from the debut eponymous album

The thing about Collins is that he really is very much like every one of us. He’s had his ups and downs, yet he continues to persevere; that just might be why his fans connect with him so much. Because of that, his music has been part of the soundtrack of their lives and he continues to make new fans. For Collins, despite the setbacks in LA many years ago, he relocated to New York where he lives today. For Collins, the Beat and all their fans, the move served him well. For those who know him best, they describe him as genuinely down-to-earth and a very humble guy who simply loves to play music.

If you’re part of The Beat Army, there’s no better way to celebrate the man than by checking rock ‘n roll history when he comes out to SoCal next week. The band has two local gigs, they play Alex’s Bar in Long Beach March 13th and the Garden Amp on March 15th.

For information on the Alex’s Bar show

For Information on the Garden Amp Show

For More Information on the Paul Collins Beat Tour

As an added bonus, opening for this iconic band are local favorites and Greenland’s #1 sons, The Maxies. If you haven’t seen the Maxies, they are a high-energy and electrifying Ramones-esque-alt-rock-punk extravaganza. They’re great entertainers, they are fantastic musicians, and their lead singer, Maximum Maxie could make a living doing stand-up. Yet, the draw really is the music; their sonic vision is only amplified by their onstage persona. For the locals they always get their money’s worth whenever they come out to see them.

If you’re looking for a night full of great music and entertainment, taking in Paul Collins Beat is definitely the way to go. If you’re looking to make an event out of your outing, then checking out the Garden Amp show may be the way to go!

The Girl with the Horn-Rimmed Glasses from NUUk ‘EM ALL

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PAUL COLLINS BEAT at The GARDEN AMP | March 15, 2020
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