August 14, 2020 by Jimmy Alvarez

We’re well into the summer of no return, and despite the lock-down orders throughout the country, we’ve been finding ways to entertain ourselves… well kinda. Electronically speaking of curse, this Saturday, we get to hang out with our pals from Pepper.
Personally, I love and respect this band… their music and their character. . I was a fan long before I got to know them. Just like most of us, I loved the album Kona Town. I saw them at the House of Blues in Anaheim (Downtown Disney) years ago. From the moment they took the stage, their high velocity music, catchy hooks and infectious smiles had the crowd screaming and yelling in a cartoon-crazy frenzy. Ever since that show, I’ve been a fan of their music.
As the years went on, I got to meet them and interview them a few times. As great as these guys are on stage, I can attest that guitarist / vocalist, Kaleo Wasman, bassist / vocalist, Brett Bollinger and drummer, Yesod Williams are even better people. They care about their family, their friends and their fans. They also care about the world we all live in. They’re even good to us media types.

What I also want people to know is that they’ve always been accommodating, despite their notoriety, they also don’t take themselves too seriously. I say this with a smile… as my fiends from Boston would say… they’re wicked-awesome funny.
So when their recent album blew up, I couldn’t have been happier for them.

Now in 2020, we’re dealing with reality of life in the Zombie apocalypse. Luckily for all of us, the word on the street was that they were working on two things. First, they’re working with the Nowell Foundation on a project, which we’ll circle back to. AND, they have a live stream show they’re putting on this Saturday from the Belly Up Tavern.
The show is imply titled “Pepper and Friends.”

Truth is, trying to change the world is an overwhelming task. Then again, trying to change one person’s world for the better, that’s very doable.
So it comes as no surprise to me that the guys from Pepper teamed up with the Nowell Family Foundation to try and make a difference in the lives of those they can reach.
That’s also a little something they have in common with Bradley.
Kickin’ it with Pepper back in 2016

In a recent chat, the guys acknowledge it’s been a struggle for many to deal with direct and indirect challenges of our Covid-19 reality. What they’ve done is kept busy and focused their energies in making new music for their fans, and working with the House That Bradley Built through the Nowell Foundation.
The project is a Sublime tribute album that honors the band’s legacy, and it’ll help better the lives of so many who need it. Another great tribute to Bradley’s legacy.
Inasmuch as they’ve been working on these projects, in a recent interview, the guys said they really miss playing live for their fans.
Yesod, said he really misses being around people in general, there’s always a good vibe when they play. Kaleo said that playing a stripped down acoustic set may be more conducive to a live stream performance. He said “it’s more authentic to the music and you concentrate more on the sound they’re putting out.
The thing about Pepper, we’ve fell in love with their music from day one.
Their music catalog ranges from hyper-velocity-soul-piercing songs like “Blackout,” to soulful melodic songs like their current uber-hit “Warning.”  

As for the music this Saturday, they’ll play a little bit of everything, and some new tunes from the House That Bradley Built compilation album. About that album, we also caught up with Kellie Nowell of the Nowell Family Foundation. We asked her about the partnership with Pepper.

Kellie said “I’ve been a fan of Pepper’s music ever since I heard the Kona Town album about 15 years ago. So I’m beyond stoked that Pepper has become such a big supporter of the Nowell Family Foundation!”

She went on to say “LAW Records’ upcoming acoustic compilation, The House That Bradley Built, has been their passion project. They brought together an amazing group of artists — and it’s all to benefit Bradley’s House. We’ve been honored to work with Yesod Williams and Paul Milbury (general manager of LAW Records) directly on the project. They’re also the newest additions to our board of directors! I have tremendous respect for those guys. They really understand the impact Bradley’s House will have on the music community and beyond.”

Needless to say ,this is going to be a great event. Great music for a great cause. To get more information on the Nowell Family Foundation.

To get you tickets to the Pepper Live Stream

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Catch the Pepper LIVE STREAM at the Belly Up
Saturday, August 15th

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