The Upward Spiral

April 6, 2023 by Jimmy Alvarez
Over the last two decades I can honestly say I have seen a lot of bands rise and fall. Some as a result of their own demise, while others flew too close to the sun and like Icarus, could not sustain their meteoric rise. Most just couldn’t duplicate their initial success, that’s a pretty common story. I can’t recall what year it was, but it was at Travis Barker’s MusInk Festival where I got to see one of the early performances of a band that is definitely still on an upward spiral.
The band is from Whittier, California: The band is Plague Vendor.

What stands out about this band when you see them live is they are unapologetically in your face, their energy is palpable. With a developing catalog of great music – their fans are genuinely engaged to songs like “Black Sap Scrptures,” “Night Sweats,” “I Only Speak In Friction,” “Jezebel,” “Prism,” “New  Comedown ,” and “Locomotive.”

Bottom line, since their debut in 2014, front-man, Brandon Blaine and his cast of kick-ass bandmates have developed into legit entertainers.
With devilish good looks, wicked smiles and a heart-piercing sound, Plague Vendor oozes sonic coolness and takes it to a new level. Aside from Blaine behind the mic, the band features guitarist Jay Rogers, bassist Michael Perez and drummer Luke Perine.

Their collective beehive electrified-orchestral like delivery hooks you, but it’s their live performance that will reel you in.
Then again, no need to take my word for it because Plague Vendor will be coming to the OC as they share the stage with two other very accomplished bands that the locals are very familiar with. The date May 4th, 2023. The place: House of Blues in Anaheim. The bands: Manic Hispanic, The Aquabats! and Plague Vendor.

The show is dubbed as Manic’s “May the 4th be with You spectacular.” If you haven’t been to a Manic show, they are the quintessential punk cover band from Orange County that has a definite Homeboy spin with comedy abound. You’ll get to hear songs like “Rudy Cholo,” (Rancid kinda cover) “ Creeper is a Lowrider,” (Ramones kinda cover)  “Lowriders from Mars,” “I Want to be a Cholo” (Vandals kinda cover), “21st Century Vato Loco, ” (Bad Religion kinda cover), and “Mommy’s Little Cholo,”  (Social Distortion kinda cover).

Meanwhile it won’t be just another Pizza Day for The Aquabats! as they will shed their tights and perform their much heralded “Tribute to The Cure.” Whereas, Plague Vendor will entertain us as Plague Vendor, trust me, this is quite the ticket.

Plague Vendor in Mosh Pit at Ohana Fest | Photo by Tiny Toyland
If you want to be thoroughly entertained, come down to the House of Blues on May 4th for a night of great music and laughs!