PRESS RELEASE # 2020-06 | February 5, 2020

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA | Accomplished broadcaster, producer and writer Marc Kaczor will be joining the OC MUSIC NEWS writing staff. 
Marc is a very seasoned and well-respected broadcaster, Program Director (PD) and Music Director (MD). Professionally, he may be known as Marc, but he’s affectionately known by his family, friends and legions of fans as “Mookie.” He’s a San Fernando Valley native, and music has always been his passion and calling.

Needless to say, Mookie has been a force in the southern California radio market for many years. His voice is well known, and distinctive. His radio show has provided us with many memorable moments over the years. When he first started off in radio, he gained his radio chops in San Diego at stations like 91X, ALT 94/9 and KPRI. Fans throughout SoCal still remember his radio shows from back in the day.

Mookie Back in the Day at 91X San Diego
In addition to being a dedicated broadcaster; he’s also a pioneer. Back in 2014, Mookie joined forces with Founder, Tyler Russell, and Jason Feddy. Collectively, they launched KX 93.5 in Laguna Beach (now KXFM | 104.7). There, he learned all the needed skills to run a radio station from top-to-bottom along with Music Director duties. He’s also produced and hosted a very successful podcast called “Unsigned Sundays.” This program featured music and interviews from some of the best up-and-coming individual artists and bands on the planet.
Fast forward to 2020; Mookie is the Program Director and Midday Host at 88.5 FM. This station is a non-commercial music driven public radio station that’s dedicated to developing artists and supporting the legacy of legendary acts. With all that is going on in today’s broadcasting industry, stations like 88.5 FM are crucial to preserving independence and originality in the music and radio world. The station is professionally run and a service of Cal State Northridge (KCSN) and Saddleback College (KSBR).

Clearly, life is good for Mookie. Now, with a full set of cartoon-crazy stories, and an impressive resume of professional accomplishments under his belt… not to mention a wealth of industry connections; he’ll be sharing those stories with us. He’ll let us know about the bands we should all be talking about that will soon make an impact on the music world. He’ll also catch us up with the legends that walk through the doors at 88.5 FM. Mookie will navigate us through the trends of what’s happening in the world of music and radio broadcasting with his stories at OC Music News.

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