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September 28, 2022 by Rachael Contreras
If you listen to punk rock, you know how political the lyrics can get. Sometimes they get so political it can be a turn-off, while other times they are placed just right – inside humor, amazing riffs, and a melodic sound that will equally sweep you off your feet and get you starting a circle pit in your living room. Propagandhi accomplishes this masterfully and will have you circling your couch as if your life depended on it with a smile on your face.
Propagandhi was formed in the late ‘80s in the cold, snowy city of Winnipeg, claiming the genre “progressive thrash band.” Although we don’t know how much ice hockey or poutine was involved in the creation of the band, we do know these guys were in the prime grips of teenagedom. Their skate punk lyrics leaving you feeling like you can take on the world.
After they signed with Fat Wreck Chords in ’93 and released their first LP, “How to Clean Everything,” they did well with songs like “Anti-Manifesto” and “Stick Your Flag Up Your Goddam Ass You Sonofabitch.”
Shortly after this, Fat Wreck Chords put out their most popular compilation album, “Fat Music for Fat People.” In the punk community, this album is well regarded as one of the best punk compilations ever and the first track of this masterpiece is Propagandhi’s own “Anti-Manifesto.”


Pomona, California

October 16, 2022

As time progressed, Propagandhi started to become more political in their lyrics, which started to grab more attention. Leading the punk way with more of a gay positive, pro feminism, animal-friendly, anti-Nazi activism that wasn’t as easily accepted or popular in its time, they helped pave the way for more bands to put those views behind them and look to the future. This also helped get the wheels turning inside other like-minded punks to vocalize their opposing popular political views and was a matchstick in the fire of bringing in a new era of what it means to be “punk.”
Fast forward to present day and Propagandhi is in full swing of political, yet humorous, punk rock without any regard for nay-sayers and people that don’t want politics in punk. They are touring the West Coast and blowing minds at every stop.
We’d love to say Propagandhi’s tour is going off without a hitch, but there is one… a big one… COVID. Unfortunately, guitarist/vocalist Chris Hannah contracted COVID while on tour and Propagandhi has had to cancel some of their SoCal shows, including The Glass House in Pomona that was supposed to happen September 23rd. This left many people sad, but the great people at The Glass House and Propagandhi got together and immediately worked out a rescheduled date.

The Glass House had this to say about the rescheduled show:

“A Message from The Glass House: You have to give it to Propagandhi. Singer is sick as hell with Covid. Hence this weekend’s SOCAL run canceled. They could have just bailed, but they didn’t. They’re coming mid-October to play out these three shows. Our show is now October 16th. Our show was 85% sold out….so it was GOING to sell out for sure this weekend. You are more than welcome to a refund if you can’t make the new date. You just need to let us know by 9/28/22.  Thanks so much for your patience with this. You know how special these shows are, and it’s a testament to the band that they’re going to make it happen. It’s hella expensive to tour, especially to come down from Canada for three shows. So instead of one tshirt, buy two. The Glass House doesn’t take a merch % (we never have), so every cent goes to the artist. The Glass House” Propagandhi had this to say about the rescheduled dates: “Hello everybody! We’re excited to get right back to the good times at hand!
Pomona, San Diego and LA are the only reschedules. Unfortunately, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco had to be cancelled. Refunds at point of purchase for a limited time. Check with venue. 
La Armada opens October 16-18. main support TBD. Torso cannot do rescheduled dates. 

Rescheduled shows below: 
16 Pomona, CA – the Glasshouse
17 San Diego, CA – Music Box
18 Los Angeles – Teragram Ballroom
Ticket Links are on our website!
Original tickets for Pomona, SD, LA will be honored at rescheduled dates. If people can’t make the new date, refunds at point of purchase  (limited time – check with venue).”
Seriously, go out and check out this band, they put on a great show!


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Promotion Header Photo via Band Twitter by Kerri Grier

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