April 25, 2022 by Christina Sanchez
If you’re in the mood for some solid, hard-rock bangers, you’re in luck because Germany’s most famous rock band, Rammstein, is back with a brand new album called “Zeit.” Always unapologetically themselves, no matter what feathers they may ruffle, Rammstein are true artists both in their music, and the boundary breaking and controversial music videos they create. They are mostly known for their chart-smashing hit “Du Hast,” but “Zeit,” which means time in English, is full of more soon-to-be chart topping singles.
One of my favorites is “Dicke Titten” or “Big Tits” in English. It starts off in the most triumphant of tones and abruptly turns into a classic, head-banging Rammstein stomper. It is sure to have an amazing and controversial music video to match its title. Rammstein has never been a band for the faint of heart. I also love the song “Angst,” which is “Fear” in English. It refers to the fear of the unknown, which is certainly something we can all relate to with the current state of our world. Lastly, I love “Zick Zack,” or “Zig Zag” in English, because it really got me going. I can’t wait to see it live with their infamous, explosive pyrotechnics at the show.



Los Angeles, California
September 23rd & 24th, 2022
Since their 1994 inception, they have retained their line-up. With the strong presence of singer Till Lindemann and his deep and sexy vocals, Rammstein has always stood out from other bands. They are a truly individual group that seems to be their own genre of music. Drummer Christoph Schneider is responsible for that signature Rammstein beat we are all accustomed to. There are heavy bass lines from Oliver Riedel, and epic notes from keyboardist Flake Lorenz. Guitarists Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe round out the band. The final song on the album, “Adieu,” leaves us to wonder if this is the last we will hear from Rammstein, or is it only goodbye for now. Only “time” will tell.
“Zeit” will be released this Friday, April 29th, in multiple formats: standard CD, special edition CD digipack, double vinyl, plus digitally. The band is also hosting a one-night-only event worldwide to celebrate its release. Movie theaters across the globe will offer album listening parties on April 28th.


April 29, 2022
You can see Rammstein tear up the stage at any one of their upcoming North American and European tour dates. I, for one, will be at the Los Angeles Coliseum on either September 23rd or 24th for a night I will surely never forget.


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