July 13, 2020 by Harriet Kaplan

We’re well underway into the third quarter of 2020 and music is coming through for us, big time. There’s lots of things happening in the news these days that garner our full attention. Most of it has a darker feel, but some news is very welcome.

Music has always been a  source of inspiration and salvation for people worldwide.   Over the years, Rebelution has had a series of hits that has made them fan favorites everywhere on the planet. More recent songs like “Fade Away” are a good example as to why this band blew up the way they did to become a force in the music industry.

With that sentiment as a backdrop, Rebelution will be releasing their latest album, “Dub Collection” on July 17th.  

So far, the reviews have been very-very good for Santa Barbara-based reggae / rock juggernauts. This one is very soulful and special, their fans are set for a treat only July 17th. Needless to say, the wait for new music from the band is just about over.

In a statement about what the band has been up to… it saidWhile the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the band to postpone their summer tour until next year, Rebelution has found other ways to engage with fans, including calling on them to lend a helping hand at a time when it’s needed most.”

Rebelution’s “Dub Collection” is the band’s most ambitious project. It features 15 whopping tracks that go easy and smooth. “Dub Collection” is the perfect antidote to an already sweltering summer featuring a decidedly chill, laidback vibe.

The lyrics aren’t necessarily heavy or deep, but do touch a bit of politics, relationships and reggae/Rastafarian pride. So what is Dub?  It’s a unique form of reggae that remixes existing tracks. It focuses on instrumentation and vocals, while layering them with delay and sparks of reverb.

In a recent interview, vocalist / guitarist  Eric Rachmany said “We thought about putting out a dub version of our last album, and then realized this would be a better idea.”  

Rachmany went on to say “we’re so excited for people to hear it, because it’s a celebration of six albums and the Rebelution community being behind us for over 15 years.”

Formed in 2004, the Grammy-nominated act has released 13 albums to-date. They’ve continued to evolve and grow as a band, and it’s reflected in the creative span of their successful career.

The band is collectively electric and entertianing. Their dynamic signature sound includes Rachmany (vocals and guitar), Marley D. Williams (bass), Rory Carey (keyboards), and Wesley Finley (drums), has a broad sonic palette.

Rebelution combines a satisfying, stimulating and enjoyable amalgamation of styles against a backdrop of pop-tinged reggae, breezy indie rock, eclectic jazz and piano work, and punchy percussive horns.

Rebelution has their sights on more than the music by expanding their brand to incorporate aspects of the Reggae lifestyle. Teaming up with Flav, Rebelution’s customized cannabis oil battery pen, herb vaporizer, and oil, are currently available in select dispensaries in California, Colorado and Washington.

They’ve also partnered with Lost Abbey & The Hop Concept to create Take On Anything IPA, which is available throughout California. This album just might be that endears them to the non-reggae masses. This one is good, very-very good.

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DIGITAL RELEASE | July 17, 2020


01. Attention Span Dub
02. Ciy Life Dub
03. Feeling Alright Dub
04. Green To Black Dub
05. Hate To Be The One Dub
06. Inhale Exhale Dub
07. Lazy Afternoon Dub
08. Legend Dub
09. Mirage Dub
10. Moonlight Dub
11. More Love Dub
12. Roots Reggae Music Dub
13. Settle Down Easy Dub
14. Suffering Dub
15. Those Days Dub


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