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November 18, 2021 | Concert Review by Rachael Contreras
For more than a decade, Rival Sons has been creating some of the best blues rock around (think Dirty Honey or Joyous Wolf). On Saturday, singer/harmonicist Jay Buchanan, guitarist/backing vocalist Scott Holiday, bassist/ backing vocalist Dave Beste, and drummer Mike Miley took to the stage of House of Blues Anaheim and even livestreamed the show.
The House of Blues was packed with people wanting to see their favorite rock band play live. You could see friends get together and have a few beers and enjoy watching the supporting acts Reignwolf and Jameson Burt.
Rival Sons perform at the House of Blues in Anaheim on November 13th. © 2021 Ron Lyon Photo
Set with the backdrop of snarling lion faces fading out one after another, Buchanan came out in a well-fitting three-piece suit and loafers but not socks. In fact, he even went as far as taking off his shoes and rocking the stage barefoot (but left his jacket on) and moved through the stage dancing in a way that only James Brown could beat.
However, Buchanan’s style was no match for Holiday’s tapestry-pattern suit jacket, scarf, turtle shell sunglasses, and hat. Even while playing his double-neck black guitar like a king, he never removed his sunglasses or hat.
Rival Sons perform at the House of Blues in Anaheim o0n November 13th. © 2021 Ron Lyon Photo
When they played “Open My Eyes,” the crowd went wild and all joined together in singing the chorus, “Somebody come and open my eyes!” When they played “All Over the Road,” you could hear girls scream for more when they hit the lyrics, “I’m going to show you how the west was won.”
Front-man Buchanan took to the stage with an acoustic guitar and played a beautiful version of “Shooting Stars” that captivated the enormous crowd for every strum of his guitar. They also played “Young Love,” “Get Mine,” “Face of Light,” and many more awesome tracks. It was a night of great tunes and amazing musical art.
Rival Sons perform at the House of Blues in Anaheim o0n November 13th. © 2021 Ron Lyon Photo
To say farewell, the band joined each other on stage with huge smiles on their faces, waved to the crowd, and bowed in the way you only see in theater performances. Later we saw posts on social media with fans saying this was the best concert they had been to in a very long time; a testament to the band and just why they are so beloved by their loyal fans.
Rival Sons tour the East Coast next spring as support for Greta Van Fleet on their Dreams in Gold tour, and then venture overseas as support for Aerosmith’s European tour.


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