August 6, 2020

In our ongoing series of ska around the world, we strive to put the spotlight on the legends. You know, the bands that kept the scene alive. We also want to put a spotlight on the bands that make the scene what it is.

In this segment, we want to give you insight on a hidden gem making noise in the Los Angeles ska-punk scene. the band is Rundown Kreeps.

Academically speaking, this band is eclectic in their multi-faceted genre approach and delivery. They’re a mixture of Ska, Pop-Punkabilly; and they put on beyond amazing killer shows.
The trio calls L.A. home, they’ve been hitting the streets with their brand of music since 2009. In this reporters opinion, they are and one of the most entertaining and energetic bands you’ll ever see.

On the national stage, we first got to know them with their hit song, “Me and Jay in Space.” This song was only the begging of a very successful marketing campaign for the band.

Last year, they hit it big with their cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” Of course, this version had its own twist to fit their sonic vision. The song made it to the airwaves on a variety of radio stations from coast-to-coast and around the world.

With all their success, there are adventures on the road to say the least. We recently caught up with lead singer and guitarist, Richard Lamas. He told us “There was this one time that we played in Concord CA, and a dude wearing an Indian head dress and holding a staff with a wooden owl on it dug our set so much that he bought us shots of absinthe. He said he financed SLC Punks 2!”
He went on to say “Then there’s the Yellow Truck story where we got lost off road in the woods of Packwood, Washington from 8pm to 3AM. It was pitch black and we were almost killed by an elk. The next day we chilled it in trees on nets that the Tacoma punk rockers crafted. They offered us acid but we had to drive to Seattle right after our set & didn’t wanna take the acid & dip out. There was also a naked dude yelling “Dickle Rick” during our breakfast AM set at Punks In The Woods. Everyone was dope af & the show went off!

With a laugh and smile, he went on to say …. “Another time in El Paso our old bassist ate a cod that someone had farted on in front of us at a diner that looked like they didn’t serve fish. He woke up in a sweat 4 hours later and took a big creamy shit barefoot in the desert at what must’ve been easily over 104 degrees. He did it ass facing us and not away. Somewhere in Texas there’s a pair of vile underwear in the desert!”
Like most successful bands, their vision has its origins. Some of the bands influences are Toy Dolls, Canibal Corpse, Social Distortion, Die Antwood, Descendents to Squirrel Nut Zippers & so much more! As a result of the Influences and DIY attitudes and them just being themselves they are in a class of their own and a genre that all music genre lovers can enjoy!
Rundown Kreeps have been able to perform with some of the most notable acts in the business. they’ve shared the stage with bands like The Weirdos, The Toasters, T.S.O.L., Mustard Plug, Unwritten Law, The Dickies, Inspector, Cheap Sex, The Stitches and Many others. They have also played music festivals such as Viva Ska Vegas & Punk Rock BBQ Las Vegas!

2020 was set for Rundown Kreeps to blow up. Instead, Covid-19 hit and it took the Zombie apocalypse to slow the band down. Not too worry, they;re not letting it get them down. They remain eternal optomist who embrace their infectious love of music.
I guarantee this band will be around for years to come and keep showing us how kick-ass they can truly be. The band is certifiably electric and features Richard Lamas (vox and guitar), Alan Escobar (vox and bass), and Steven Lamas (vox and drums).
If you want to know why the ska-punk scene has made a comeback, yeah sure… the Interrupters, Rancid, Reel Big Fish and the Specials have a lot to do with it. But, local bands like Rundown Kreeps are the backbone that make the scene thrive.