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October 7, 2022 by Tim Markel
It has been four years since their last show in Orange County, and finally Saosin is returning for back-to-back nights at The Garden Amp in Garden Grove on October 27th and 28th.
Diehard fans of Saosin are more than familiar with the band’s checkered past of lineup changes and will be excited to learn who’s opening the show: the band’s previous singer, Cove Reber, and his new band, Dead American.

Such a special bill deserves two consecutive nights at this intimate outdoor venue and both nights are expected to sell out. As fans may recall, Saosin’s four nights at Anaheim’s Chain Reaction in 2018 sold out.
Saosin formed nearly 20 years ago in Orange County and was led by singer Anthony Green at the time. With Green on vocal duties, the band would go on to release one of the most important and influential EPs of our generation, “Translating the Name.”
The band immediately gained widespread popularity and was selling out shows before they were even a blip on a record label’s radar. Following the success of “Translating the Name,” Green left the band, and that marked the end of an era.


Garden Grove, California
October 27th & 28th, 2022
The band recruited Cove Reber to fill the enormous shoes that Green left behind and went on to sign with major label Capital Records. They recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer Howard Benson, who has produced such acts as My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, and Hoobastank. 
It was hard for many fans to imagine the band picking up the pieces and starting over again with a new singer, however the band would soon surpass their previous level of notoriety with the release of their 2006 self-titled debut full-length that featured hit singles “Voices” and “You’re Not Alone.”
As the band’s fan base continued to grow, so did their concert venue sizes. Selling out back-to-back shows at venues like House of Blues Anaheim, The Fillmore (San Francisco’s 1,300 capacity venue), and Soma in San Diego.
With a long, celebrated, yet complicated history that’s worthy of a VH1 “Behind the Music” episode, the band continues to push forward and give the fans what we want: The nostalgia of hearing some of our old favorites live again, like “Seven Years” or “3rd Measurement in C,” along with new crowd favorites like “The Silver String.”
Saosin is unsurprisingly very aware of their popularity in Southern California and rewards their diehard fans with multiple dates each time they resurface. Now much older with respective families, Saosin doesn’t tour often. The last live show they played was in February 2019 in Mexico City. Even casual listeners of Saosin rush to buy tickets anytime the band announces shows and you won’t want to miss this opportunity to see the band.
Dead American has opened for Saosin before – in 2018 – and Cove Reber was invited onstage to sing a few crowd favorites. It was a very special moment that left any fan no in attendance envious. I anticipate the same type of camaraderie at these two Orange County shows.
In addition to these two OC shows, Saosin will be performing a short string of shows which includes the much-hyped – and sold out – When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas.
Tickets for Saosin in OC are still available, but don’t expect them to last long!




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