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Scott Russo Goes Live

June 16, 2021 by Rachael Contreras

He’s charismatic and easy on the eyes, but also an incredible writer with relatable lyrics. Scott Russo grabbed us by the heart and ears in the early ‘90s as the front-man of Unwritten Law. Whether you started listening to the San Diego-area band from their first demo in ’92, or their massive radio hit, “Cailin” off their ’98 self-titled album, you know they are great musicians.
Therefore we think you will be excited to know Scott Russo will be playing an acoustic set at Costa Mesa’s Commissary Lounge this Saturday (June 19th), and he will be joined by some outstanding opening acts. So far we know that Elvis Cortez (Manic Hispanic, Left Alone) is teaming up with Efrem Schultz (Manic Hispanic, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Death by Stereo, Dirty Black Summer) to play, and that might include a few Manic Hispanic songs. However, we cannot swear to that because that info was under lock and key when we asked the Manic Hispanic front-man. Mysterious!
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Commissary Lounge is a fantastic newer venue that you might remember from virtual shows during the pandemic, including Death by Stereo and a Steve Soto tribute show. They usually hold dance party music shows, but are opening it up to rock bands. It’s a big space with lots of technical, high-end lighting and screens, which makes for an AMAZING visual show, even if you’re standing in the back.
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It is important to note that this venue is strictly 21+ and you need a government issued ID to get in. This will be an incredible show any Unwritten Law fan won’t want to miss! By the way, even more special guests will be announced and tickets are selling fast, so grab yours now!

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