SKAROUND THE WORLD # 1 with Jr. Ska Boss

April 16, 2020 | By Josh Coutts

Hello, Jr Ska Boss of Viva Ska Radio in Las Vegas here. For years we’ve covered the ska-punk scene in Vegas, and beyond. With our unique insight to the genre, we’ll be writing a few stories to let the world know about the exciting things going on in the world of ska!

2020 was set to be a banner year, then the earth stood still. Despite those challenges, music remains near and dear to us, and music is essential to getting us through any dark days. For this issue, I want to bring you 3 bands coming up in the world that I see blowing up or being the next Interrupters in the next 12 months.

Band #3 is Joker’s Republic. This band is from New Jersey and they’re comprised of a bunch of hard working younger kids who are doing it right. They just got off the 30th anniversary Ska Parade tour where they commanded every show they played. They have the drive and talent to to make it big! I could definitely see them blowing up within the next year!

Band #2 is Wank. This band is from Costa Mesa, California and they’ve been doing it for a while. They’ve been a solid influence for the genre since the 90’s. With more of an alternative, Rock N Roll & Punk sound; and throw in a mix of Ska & Reggae… you have an amazing show! They just signed to Die Laughing Records/Golden Robot Records and I guarantee you within the year they’re going to blow up! Get to know this band, you’ll be happy you did.

The #1 Band to look out for in the world of 4th wave ska-punk is straight out of the OC, they’re called Bite Me Bambi. I think this band is the next big thing. They have the proper band-mates in them that have all done music on the big stage at one time. With a dynamic lead singer, and incredible musicians; it’s not if they will blow up but when.
Bottom line, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted everyone. Even with the shut down, the way their social media popularity is going; with the proper push they could be huge! I would love to see them blow up! This is a band you definitely need to check out. Other Bite Me Bambi songs to check out are Crazy and Strippers on a Sunday.

Those are my choices for the next ska bands to blow up! Stay tuned for more stories from the world of ska!


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