July 8, 2022 by Cameron Schuyler
A solid lineup of headlining bands is all packed into one show when Slightly Stoopid brings their Summer Traditions tour to Irvine next weekend. They’ll be jamming alongside Pepper, Common Kings, and Fortunate Youth; all of which are legends in their own right.
As with many Slightly Stoopid shows, we are likely to see collaborations onstage with band members crossing over to perform songs together, especially with this group as they have been playing on the same stages at festivals for years. There’s a great balance of different reggae sounds at play here to keep you entertained.
Fortunate Youth knows how to get the party started at any event. Once you hear the sound of the organ on the keyboard and the thump of the conga drums, you’ll know the unique sound of Fortunate Youth has hit the stage. Watch out for giant inflatable joints and giant actual joints being passed around.
These bandmates have been jamming together for the last 15 years and produce some of the catchiest sounds in reggae music, topping the charts in reggae again and again with each release. You’re bound to have a good time, so be there early enough to catch this set!
Common Kings’ vocalists JR King delivers a soulful reggae rock vibe with heavy rock guitar and their South Pacific roots at the core of their sound. With a ton of musical influences as their inspiration – from Bob Marley to Van Morrison – their sound is another unique musical treat you won’t hear anywhere else. They’ve shared the stage with Dirty Heads at California Roots recently and crushed their own set at the show. If you haven’t seen these guys live, we highly recommend it; the powerful notes of the vocals and heavy bass drops are best experienced in person.
The Jawaiian reggae rock originators, Pepper, have been around about as long as Sublime and Slightly Stoopid, with all three bands being some of the only in the genre to find commercial success on the airwaves. Pepper has really paved the way for many more bands in the genre to perform to their audience.
The ultimate party band, their three-man set typically goes nuts with it becoming a full-on collaboration between them and all the bands in the show, sometimes resulting in a 20-man band! Their infectious smiles onstage can be seen beaming all the way to the back row.


Irvine, California

July 15, 2022

Slightly Stoopid always comes equipped with a huge brass and percussion section and is usually accompanied by an amazing lightshow. Trip out on all the classic hits during their headlining set, including live variations and even a cover song or two. Right now, our favorite song to vibe out to is the newly remixed collaboration with Stick Figure called “Too Late.”
Likely stage guests may include Chali 2na, Don Carlos, Karl Denson, and/or Rashawn Ross, along with some potential collaborations with the other bands.
Your spirit will be lifted, even if you thought it couldn’t get any higher. Get ready to be transported to a land of good vibes and chill folks!
The Summer Traditions show hits FivePoint Amphitheater in Irvine on July 15th, so get your tickets ASAP!


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