SLIGHTLY STOOPID Announces Two Drive-in Shows
September 21, 2020 by Tommy Johnson
Life in the here and now has definitely been weird to say the least. Then again, there are some signs that life slowly but surely may soon be coming back to some semblance of normality.
Just last weekend some of our favorite SoCal bands got together at the at Fat Mike’s backyard. We got to see NOFX, Fishbone and Slightly Stoopid by virtue of the magic that is LIVE STREAM.
For years Slightly Stoopid has been a southern California powerhouse entertaining us with hits like 2am, Don’t Stop, Hold It Down, Collie Man, Come Around, Prophet and Wiseman just to name a few of those epic songs that define a lifestyle.
2020 may have slowed these guys down, but it certainly didn’t put them out.

As luck would have it, more fun and entertainment is just around the corner. Stoopid just announced their live shows “at the Drive-In.”
They said they are stoked to play these 2 Live Drive-In shows in October. The first one will be on the  9th in Ventura, then the second one will be on  10th in Del Mar.
All prices are per car. The guys said we should pack our cars and let’s get Stoopid Party People!

 Car passes on sale now!
For More Information on The Drive-In Shows
The Re-Scheduled 2021 Summer Tour


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