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June 7, 2023 by Jimmy Alvarez
Life doesn’t always go the way you think. Just like the lyrics from a Social D song suggest … sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. So many of the lyrics from Mike Ness have captured the human experience. That is one of a zillion reasons why so many people have endeared themselves to Social Distortion.
As their tour was getting ready to kick-off later this month, Ness was given some devastating news that caused him to make an announcement earlier today.

In a social media post Ness said, “We think that life is going to go according to our plan, but it has a way of saying I don’t think so! In the midst of pre-production, I was diagnosed with stage one tonsil cancer. I was feeling well enough to continue with recording in the studio up until the very day before surgery. The band and I were so inspired and excited to lay down these tracks, which by the way sound f-ing AWESOME!”
He went on to say… “The recovery from surgery is a day-by-day process and in three weeks we start radiation and that should be the last therapy I need. The team of doctors are certain that once finished with this course, I will be able to start the healing and recovery process. We expect a full recovery enabling me to live a long and productive life. It breaks my heart to postpone the Summer Tour, and this album release, but time is required to heal. I can’t thank our loyal fans enough who have been waiting so patiently for this. While it will take a little longer-I promise you that it will be delivered and it will exceed your expectations.”
He finished with … “I want you all to know that this has opened my eyes to a whole new struggle. I know it’s one that many of you or your loved ones have personally endured, and my heart goes out to you-because I now know what it’s like from this heavy experience. I’m surrounded by love and support from my friends and family ESPECIALLY my lovely wife and incredible boys (oh and don’t forget my 3 dogs and kitty) THANK YOU ALL in advance to our unbelievable fans for YOUR love and support right now – We WILL get through this.”

This news hits close to home for so many, and for Ness and his fans, we stand with him and wish him only the best in his treatment and recovery. Stay tuned as Social Distortion will return. When they do, we will be there to let you know all the details.
Good luck Mike!



Photos by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography

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