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April 18, 2022 by Traci Turner

We are just over a month away from kicking off the summer with our favorite ‘80s artists. The second annual Lost at Sea ‘80s Beach Party invades Catalina Island Memorial Day weekend and OC Music News wants you to join us there!
Spread over three days, the festivities include performances by iconic ‘80s artists who are part of our happier times before we had to adult. Artists on tap for the weekend include Oingo Boingo Former Members, A Flock of Seagulls, English Beat, Missing Persons, The Untouchables, Annabella’s Bow Wow Wow, Dramarama, Wally Palmar of the Romantics, Tommy Tutone, Stacey Q, Trans-X, Naked Eyes, Josie Cotton, Shannon, Musical Youth, Kon Kan, and Burning Sensations.
OC Music News spoke with the Orange County native who is also a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress (quadruple threat!) known as Stacey Q, and we look forward to seeing her smiling face in Catalina.
I admit I did not know much about Stacey Q’s background before this week. Obviously I knew her 1986 single “Two of Hearts,” which got her to number three on the Billboard 100 and made her an important piece of music from the ‘80s. But her life: born in Fullerton, learned various styles of dance at Dance Theater of Orange County, performed at Disneyland, graduated from Anaheim High School; this girl is OC for real!

After high school, she performed with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus before meeting Jon St. James, who owned a Fullerton recording studio. St. James was forming a synth pop group called Q and Stacey was able to pop in as the singer (and that’s where she earned her “Q”).
A few years later, Stacey released a solo album (the band Q musicians also joined her on it) titled “Better Than Heaven,” home to “Two of Hearts.” The explosive success of the single put her on MTV and made “Better Than Heaven” a certified gold album.
Stacey spent the following years with more records in various genres (“Don’t Make a Fool of Yourself” put her on the Billboard charts again), appearances on TV shows “RuPaul’s Drag U,” “Facts of Life,” and “Full House.” In 2020, she released another album, “Jet Town Je t’aime,” and has been performing with other ‘80s artists like Trans-X and the Ladies of the ‘80s.
From one California girl to another, it was awesome to know we had both spent some of our childhoods on Catalina. “I think the very first time that I was in Catalina was YMCA camp,” she told me. “That’s where I went to YMCA camp when I was little. It will be great to be there again.”

For those who have never been, Catalina does not allow cars, only golf carts. We know the Lost ‘80s peeps have plenty of activities planned for us, but we discussed what else Stacey might do on the island. Typically when touring, she will check out a museum in her off time. But, ”If ever I walk up to you and I say I have time to kill, you want to go get some lunch or something, then I am not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. If I’m studying and practicing and being the student that I’m supposed to be, I should have no spare time.”
Traci: So if I encourage you to play hooky, that’s bad?

Stacey: No! You know what? I like naughty. How can you have good if you don’t have naughty? So bring it. (laughing)

Traci: You’re going out on the road for the Lost ‘80s 20th anniversary tour, aren’t you?
Stacey: Yes, I’m going to be on several, so I’m very much looking forward to it. It’s just a delightful thing to be involved in because it’s all positive. Nobody’s trying to crawl over anybody’s back to get over them. Everybody has their laurels. Everybody has grown. It’s very wonderful to be around.

Traci: Who are some of your buddies when you’re with all these guys?

Stacey: All of them. A lot of them I’ve just met since in the last year. A lot of them, they’ve been doing this for the better part of a couple of decades, so I’m brand new.
Traci: What else are you doing these days? Besides the Lost ‘80s and Catalina, are you working on anything else?

Stacey: Well, sometimes I check in. To me, no news is good news! I saw that there was “The Flight Attendant” season two trailer featured “Two of Hearts” heavily. (Main character Cassandra, played by Kaley Cuoco, also uses “Two of Hearts” as her ringtone.) It has a new one now, but the first one was featuring me. I thought, “Wow, I’m great, they love me,” but glory dies fast because the next one, I was not in at all. (laughing) “Radford Returns” is coming on the Discovery Channel. I’m involved with that also with Jason Freese and others.
Traci: What kind of show is that?
Stacey: It’s about Radford, who was the top name in coachmakers in England in the old days. If you were The Beatles or somebody like that, your car was custom made by Radford. So it’s a story about him. A friend of mine, Roger Behle, he’s a partner there, and they’re building the new Lotus. Radford is building and revealing the new Lotus. So I’m involved in the music and that show.
Traci: Do you like cars or was it just something that popped up?

Stacey: I’m a huge Formula One fan. Jenson Button, who is a very famous and excellent driver, he’s on the team as well. And Ant Anstead, maybe you know who he is, he’s a TV personality. So again, I was just sitting at home and I heard from Roger. So I and my producer, Jon St. James, we embarked on that.
Traci: That sounds pretty cool. I’ll have to check that out. I must admit I am super excited for the Catalina event!
Stacey: Well then, Memorial Day weekend in Catalina is the place for you!
In addition to the music from all the amazing bands, Richard Blade will be on hand to host and DJ, plus new for this year, our favorite ‘80s movies will be shown throughout the weekend. The historical Avalon Theatre will show “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Valley Girl,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Pretty in Pink,” “Back to the Future,” and “Karate Kid” at no additional cost to concertgoers.
Tickets are on sale now for the May 27-29 event. In addition to regular tickets, VIP and cabana passes are available, but keep in mind, they sold out in 2021!
If you can’t get to Catalina, check out the Lost ‘80s Live 20th Anniversary Tour as it winds its way through California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Florida (plus more states and dates are still being announced!). The SoCal dates include Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay on August 27th and Greek Theatre on August 28th.
On the beach or on the land, get your ‘80s fix and enjoy live music from Stacey Q and all the awesome ‘80s artists! 


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