Heads to Orange County

September 21, 2022 by Rachel Zahm
Starcrawler just started their She Said tour in San Francisco, and they’re heading to Orange County on October 18th! Hitting the stage at the Constellation Room with their iconic pink gear – and known for having a serious water-spitting splash zone – you definitely don’t want to miss this amazing show!
The Los Angeles-based band started in 2015 when the majority of the members were still in high school. Their reputation grew quickly due to the astounding music and their unhinged performances.

Perhaps with inspiration from Iggy Pop, their shows have included fake blood, water spitting, and lead singer Arrow de Wilde tying the microphone cord around her bod, and stage diving. She, and of course the rest of the amazing band – Henri Cash on lead guitar, Henri’s brother Bill Cash on rhythm guitar, Tim Franco on bass, and Seth Carolina on drums – have created a sound that has people intrigued, and maybe even deranged, making it a show you will sincerely never forget!
Starcrawler’s first single, “Ants,” was created in 2017, which goes to show a lot can happen within five years. They recorded their self-titled album in 2018, and began to get attention thanks to songs like “I Love LA,” “Chicken Woman,” and “Love’s Gone Again.”
The band dropped the follow up, “Devour You,” in 2019, which captured more of their unhinged side. Their intensity was obvious in tracks “Bet My Brains,” “She Gets Around,” and “Hollywood Ending.”


Santa Ana, California
October 18, 2022
Their new album, “She Said,” was just released last week and includes more incredible songs, such as the title track, “Runaway,” “Better Place,” and “Roadkill.”
These songs do have a nostalgic feel and make the album seem closer – and more personal – to who Starcrawler is as a band and as individuals.
Another cool song to consider, let’s not forget their Ramone’s cover of “Pet Sematary.”
Over the years and through their three albums, they have touched many different genres. Perhaps that is why they continue to gain popularity and are appearing in a variety of avenues. They were featured in the hilarious film “Jackass 4.5,” starring the one and only Johnny Knoxville, with their song “If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough.” A marriage made it movie and music heaven! They will also be performing at the Destination Chaos festival in the Dominican Republic in January alongside Iggy Pop, Descendants, and Amyl and the Sniffers. 
These shows are definitely something you don’t want to miss: It’s so unique and pure entertainment. The tour is stopping in 30 cities, so check the schedule and make your plans to see Starcrawler now.


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