Kings of the New Age Tour

November 21, 2022 by Chris Hazel
State Champs are headed our way this week as they roll through on the Kings of the New Age Tour! Bringing their friends Hunny and Between You & Me, the tour kicked off on November 11th in Ohio and will stop this Friday in Anaheim and Saturday in San Diego, both at the House of Blues. Then they will conclude their tour December 10th in their home town of Albany, New York.
These pop punk powerhouses have been tearing it up in the music scene since 2010 when they started off playing in basements and garages. Their success grew quickly, and now they are veterans and leaders in this new wave of feel good rock, as they try to reach the level of their influences like The Starting Line, Sum 41, bLink-182, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day.
State Champs are celebrating a mammoth year with the release of their new album “Kings of the New Age.” Released this summer, the album is the perfect anthem for huge parties and festivals. With catchy hooks, infectious riffs, and happy ‘90s pop vibes, this album is rapidly becoming a favorite. “Kings of the New Age” is jam-packed with hits like “Everybody But You,” “Half Empty,” “Act Like That,” and “Sundress.”

At the start of the tour, State Champs vocalist Derek DiScanio said, “I’m particularly excited for the KOTNA Tour because of how much we as a band are focusing on the aesthetic and flow of the show.” He continued, “This will be the first tour where it feels more like an experience rather than just a band on stage playing songs. The stage production is by far the most unique and badass it’s ever been, and you bet the mixture of songs in our catalog (new songs, old songs, and some surprises) will create a wild set list. Best night ever.”
Anaheim, California
November 25, 2022
San Diego, California
November 26, 2022
Escorting State Champs on this tour is California’s very own rock band, Hunny. This group is heavily influenced by ‘90s alternative rock and ‘80s new wave, which you can hear from the poppy keyboards that are prominent in most songs. Hunny released an EP called “Homesick” in July and their music video for the title track looks like something from an Abercrombie & Fitch commercial – but don’t let that distract you because these dudes can put on quite a show.
Games We Play will be chaperoning for the SoCal dates. Fans went crazy after the band teased their song “Deadbeat” and it now has 1.6 million views on TikTok. Games We Play once again broke the TikTok code with a video describing the truth behind “Get a Job” that currently has over three million views. This in-your-face pop punk band is unapologetic, while singing shocking vocals with punchy guitar riffs that makes you want to destroy a printer “Office Space” style, quit your day job, and start a new rock n roll band.
With a second visit to California in a year, after the Pure Noise Record Tour in 2021, SoCal has become a hub for State Champs shows. After making an announcement about the tour on social media, the band promised something colossal, “We’re doing it up big this fall. You’re not going to want to miss this.” There is no doubt that this tour will live up to their promise, and all the bands will deliver. Similar to State Champs’ song “Everybody But You,” we are having a party, and we are inviting everybody, including you!



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