October 11, 2022 by Cameron Schuyler
Stick Figure began as Scott Woodruff producing every song and recording every instrument on a multi-track loop machine, then passing out free copies at festivals. Woodruff has since written, recorded, collaborated with huge acts, toured and toured, and risen his band Stick Figure to the top. They have become a bestselling, headlining act with an audience growing at every show. Seven studio albums are now under their belt, each proceeding production more refined than the last.

“Wisdom” is an album that encapsulates itself within the title as it is the result of years of experience. Laced within the lyrics are enlightened messages that come from years of traveling the world with good music and good times as their anchor. Woodruff and his production are now masters of their craft; the years of touring and writing music have culminated into a byproduct of the highest quality and style.
“Wisdom” embellishes upon this signature sound that Stick Figure has become known for, and takes it to new heights by sonically maturing in both lyrical content and catchy audio hooks. A cohesive theme carries throughout, but each track has a unique message and format, a deeply introspective lyrical journey that stokes an inner fire to seek happiness and enjoy the lives we live, to find a place to call “home” for ourselves.

The opening track, “Old Sunrise” harkens back to a familiar format, but leads us to new cathedrals of vocal harmonies. They manage to have us singing along before we’ve even learned all the lyrics, which toggle from deeply personal words about a lost love, to the hope that one day that love will return.

The following track, “Paradise,” similarly contains a message of hope and captures the feeling of always searching for the perfect place of belonging in this world.
“Sound System” is a party track, fully harkening back to old school reggae jams straight from the dance hall. This has the synthetic keys of an ‘80s Rasta jam and the brass section to back it up.

This brings us to the slew of featured collaborations on “Wisdom.” Reggae legend Barrington Levy graces the track “Soul of the World,” and Collie Buddz hops on “Showdown,” which is an authentic banger from the start.
Slightly Stoopid is featured on two of the tracks on this album, with Kyle McDonald on “Way of Life” and Miles Doughty on “Higher.” We love hearing how Stoopid has a hybrid effect on each track they are featured on; it’s a perfect blend where you can feel the influence of both bands on the sound that culminates from them working together.

This whole album seems meant for a beach bonfire or hiking trip, as the soundscapes echo and emanate as if inspired by the open sea, lakes, or rivers. You can even hear the crowd chanting in participation from their Red Rocks recordings on the track “Smoke Signals,” which only amps up the party vibes.

“Wisdom” is another amazing addition to the catalog of Stick Figure’s albums and solidifies their signature style while taking us on an amazing journey through lessons learned on the road. However, as is stated on “Smoke Signals,” “The more I see, the less I really know.”
We can always grow and learn, and Stick Figure has taken this to heart with the application of knowledge they’ve gained on the road to polish their sound even further and continue to make it more accessible to a broader audience.
Stick Figure never disappoints on stage, so we’re looking forward to their upcoming performances showcasing the live interpretation of these new songs.



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